one warm word

Title : One Warm Word / Kind Word / Good Word
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 20
Director: Choi Young Hoon
Screenwriter: Ha Myung Hee
Broadcast network: SBS, every Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2013-Dec-02


This drama is about a messy love square between two married couples.

Character Description

Na Eunjin
“I think we need to strive to make a happy marriage, just like when we studied at school”

34 years old. Free-lancer. Sungsoo’s wife.

Eunjin and Sungsoo started dating from college days. They’re popular couple among their friends.
She waited for him when he fulfilled his mandatory army duty. She graduated and got job earlier than him.
Then she supported his life.
When Sungsoo finally got a job in a bank, she expected a happy marriage.
When she found out that she was wrong, she fells disturbed.

Yoo Jaehak

“This kind of feeling is my first time. If possible, I want to escape from this married life”

43 years old, Mikyung’s husband. President of small electronic company.

He is friendly, cheerful and manly.
After married to Mikyung , he inherited her father’s company.

He lived a prideful life as a respected boss, faithful husband.
Of course, for his prideful life, there was Mikyung who support him greatly.
He thanked very much for wife’s support.

So, he never thought that there would be a he shift in his life until he meets Eunjin.

Song Mikyung

“If you were an single younger girl, I might understand you. But, you are also married woman. How can you do this? I will not forgive you forever!”

41 years old. Jaehak’s wife. Full time housewife.
She looks soft. But, actually, she is cautious and accurate. When she was in 2nd year of college, he married to Jaehak under her father’s decision.

She liked Jaehak. He was handsome and gentle. She thought, if she can stay with him, trouble would stay away.

But, one day, she feels something strange from him.

Kim Sungsoo

“I am a country boy. I am a Macho. But, you are a woman. “

36 years old. Eunjin’s husband. Manager of Personnel Department in Bank.

He is the 1st son of country family. In his hometown, he was considered as a genius by neighbors. Differently than his urbane looks, he is a real country style macho man.

He has lived happy life. He got married to Eunjin who was his ideal type. He became the youngest manager in his bank.

But, his one-time mistake leads his married-life into trouble.
Main Cast

Han Hye Jin as Na Eun Jin (Sung Soo’s wife)
Ji Jin Hee as Yoo Jae Hak (Mi Kyung’s husband)
Kim Ji Soo as Song Mi Kyung (Jae Hak’s wife)
Lee Sang Woo as Kim Sung Soo (Eun Jin’s husband)

Eun Jin & Sung Soo’s Family

Yoon Joo Sang as Na Dae Ho (Eun Jin’s father)
Go Doo Shim as Kim Na Ra (Eun Jin’s mother)
Yoon Jong Hwa as Na Jin Chul (Eun Jin’s younger brother)
Yoon Joo Hee as Yoon Sun Ah (Jin Chul’s wife)
Han Groo as Na Eun Young (Eun Jin’s younger sister)
Lee Chae Mi as Kim Yoon Jung (Eun Jin & Sung Soo’s daughter)

Jae Hak & Mi Kyung’s Family

Park Jung Soo as Madam Choo (Jae Hak’s mother)
Park Seo Joon as Song Min Soo (Mi Kyung’s step brother)


Choi Hwa Jung as Choi An Na (Cooking Class instructor)
Son Hwa Ryung as Ji Hye (Cooking Class student/Eun Jin’s friend)
Kim Hye Na as Young Kyung (Cooking Class student/Eun Jin’s senior)

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