Title: Once Upon a Time in Saengchori
Episodes: 20
Producer: Kim Byung Wook (High Kick Through the Roof, Unstoppable High Kick)
Director: Kim Young Ki, Jo Chan Joo (High Kick Through the Roof, Unstoppable High Kick)
Screenwriter: Lee Young Chul
Genre: Comedy, romance
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-05  to 2011-Mar-18

This drama revolves around a group of brokerage firm employees who are relocated to a quiet rural village, where both thrilling and bizarre events occur and romance bloom between the employees and residents. At the center of the many secrets surrounding Saengchori is a complicated murder mystery in which the employees find themselves unwittingly involved. However, there are some that prefer certain skeletons in the closet remain hidden, and will go to any lengths for this. Is the murderer someone from the quirky, country village of Saengchori, or could it be one of their own?

Character Description
Jo Min Sung

A Wall Street genius fund manager. On one rainy day, he shocked by a thunder and started to change. he lost his astonishing skill of calculating and remembering. Then, he afraid if people found his dumbness.

Yoo Eun Joo

a sales staff, awkward in many things and sees herself low. That’s why she always be a good target of mischief from her colleagues. She  involved in a marriage agreement with Han Ji Min, her senior officer in the company.

Han Ji Min

The company senior officer who proposed Yoo Eun Joo when he was drunk and now they are both known as the official company couple.

Park Bok Soon

the only daughter of Park Gyu who owns the brokerage firm. Living a sheltered life ever since she was born, she is unware of any evil intentions and difficulties in the actual world. She is always called “Miss” by the firm’s employees as she is the president’s daughter. There is the thing that she hated most is the name given by her father and so, she makes sure people around her calls her “Victoria” instead.

Park Gyu

He is the president of the brokerage firm which he built up from scratch. He pampered and sheltered his daughter “Bok Soon” from the difficult living he been through. Everything was going smoothly for him until he re-located his office and employees to the rural “Saengchori” by mistake.

Main Cast
Ha Suk Jin as Jo Min Sung
Lee Young Eun as Yoo Eun Joo
Bae Geu Rin as Park Bok Soon
Kim Dong Yoon as Han Ji Min
Kim Hak Chul as Park Gyu
Kang Nam Gil
Jung Ji Ah
Jo Sang Ki

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