Title: OB/GYN Doctors / Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors
Genre: Medical
Episodes: 16
Director: Lee Hyun Jik (Green Coach, Tazza, Lobbyist, Working Mom)
Scriptwriter: Choi Hee Ra
Broadcast network: SBS , Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2010-Feb-03  to 2010-Mar-25


The drama depicts the difficult decisions and moving human stories that take place daily in the OB-GYN department, focusing in particular on Seo Hye Young, a talented and determined obstetrician who has just transferred from the prestigious Seoul base to the branch hospital. Her straightforward manner of handling her professional life is in contrast with her love life, which is marred by her relationship with a married man. This becomes even more entangled when she meets Lee Sang Shik, the chief of NICU, and her long-time friend Wang Jae Suk also shows his interest.

Character Description

obgyn-cast-1Seo Hyeyoung (Obstetrician) / Jang Seo Hee

Obstetrics second year fellow ->Section chief of one local hospital.

Workholic  person who lives 365 days in hospital. She has issued many articles as well as has competent surgery skill. She wants to remain in school as a professor. She is a pro-choicer on abortion.  She takes a positive position on re-build the abortion law which is not realistic. If she should choose one between mother and baby in emergency case, she surely save mother without any hesitation sacrificing baby.

Now, she faces a difficulty. While she has dated with Mr. Yoon who is senior officer in her hospital, she finds out her own pregnancy. But, Mr. Yoon already has a legal wife. After she does a lady’s abortion operation who bear disabled baby, she is dispatched to a local hospital.

obgyn-cast-7Lee Sang Shik (Pediatrician) / Ko Joo Won

Doctor who is in charge of newborn critical patient unit.

He has a character who is half child care center nanny, half doctor. Straight, a little bit inflexible character who likes baby very much and care very well.

Accidently, one day, he is trapped in elevator with Seo Hye Young and treated her morning sickness. After that accident, he meets her again in hospital operation clinic, then, he become a sole person who know her pregnancy.

When he sees she throw a tantrum to unfairness at the time of debate with patient, he tell to other person that she is a kind lady. Because of that comment, he is treated as a not ordinary man. But, he is interested in Hye Young who is little cynical, but open heart to patient. Rare man who sees her character as it is, not thinking she has too violent temper, too smart to get close.

obgyn-cast-6Wang Jae Suk (Obstetrician) / Suh Ji Suk

Sterility clinic doctor where Hye Young is dispatched.

Close friend with Hye Young  – Alumnus of preschool, elementary school, and high school.

There is unique feeling between them which is less than love, more than friendship. He catches the sensitive atmosphere between Hye Young and Sang Shik. His heart become unique when Sang Shik carries Hye Young on his back, At that time, Hye Young is in crisis of abortion. He thinks the baby’s father should be Sang Shik, so, he let Hye Young’s mother know her situation and relationship with Sang Shik.

He has opposite position against abortion and he is Catholic. He is a good sterility clinic doctor who receives belief from patient.

obgyn-cast-2Yoon Seo Jin (Chief of planning department at the hospital) / Jung Ho Bin

The top authority in field of liver, pancreas.
He has lived in works only like any other person who succeed in early age. His wife is tired with that kind of husband, and he lived separately upon her request.
Even during separation period, he doesn’t feel any inconvenience as he is not so interested in family life. He sees Hye Young as a capable doctor who has many possibilities. Surely, he feels attractiveness about Hye Young who is smart and enthusiastic. As he is on separation and both spend lots of time together, they become to have affairs. He doesn’t think Hye Young’s pregnancy seriously. He think she know Hye Young very well and he believe Hye Young take abortion operation by herself.

obgyn-cast-3Ahn Kyung Woo (Obstretric second year resident) / Song Joong Ki

Resident under Hye Young.
Typical case who choose doctor course due to the economic reason rather than sense of mission. He joins obstetric section as he failed to join skin care section.
His thinking is continuously, as soon as receiving doctor license, opening skin care clinic. As a result ,he spent very difficult time under Hye Young who start work even from 5:50 AM.

obgyn-cast-4Kim Young Mi (Nurse at delivery room) / Lee Young Eun

She is dispatched to obstetric section from newborn critical patient clinic as she was too sensitive. Though she is kind, she is not so smart.

She is so naïve that she believe one resident’s reason to leave her saying his family do not agree marriage with her because of fortune teller’s words, that is, their marriage would result not good ending. She still has lingering affection, even she visited several other fortune tellers to find out their marriage will really cause bad result.

Main Cast
Jang Seo Hee as Seo Hye Young
Suh Ji Suk as Wang Jae Suk
Ko Joo Won as Lee Sang Shik
Lee Young Eun as Kim Young Mi
Song Joong Ki as Ahn Kyung Woo
Ji Yoo as Cha Young Ah
Ahn Sun Young

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Rating (TNS Media)

Episode 1 2010/2/3–9.5
Episode 2 2010/2/4–10.9
Episode 3 2010/2/10–11.6
Episode 4 2010/2/11–11.5
Episode 5 2010/2/17–12.3
Episode 6 2010/2/18–12.2
Episode 7 2010/2/24–12.4
Episode 8 2010/2/25–10.7
Episode 9 2010/3/3–11.4
Episode 10 2010/3/4–12.7
Episode 11 2010/3/10–10.6
Episode 12 2010/3/11--11.6
Episode 13 2010/3/17–11.9
Episode 14 2010/3/18–12.7
Episode 15 2010/3/24–11.4
Episode 16 2010/3/25–10.8

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