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Title: Noble Woman / Lady
Genre: Family, romance, drama
Episodes: 114
Director: Han Chul Soo, Sun Woo Young Gun
Screenwriter: Ho Young Ok
Broadcast network: JTBC, every Monday to Friday 20:15
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-13  to 2014-Jul-04

A drama about friendships and love of two girls who are from incredibly different background, one is the daughter of maid, and the other is the daughter of wealthy family.

Character Description

Yoon Shin Ae
Her mother works as the maid in the rich family, she and her mother live there. But she’s always cheerful and generous despite her poor situation.
She can treat Mi Na, the daughter of the house owner where she lives, just like a friend, she never feels lose heart.

But, although she’s smart and confident, she feels shy in front of Jungmin, the man she loves secretly.

After marriage, she suddenly inherited a great wealth, then, becomes a high-society noble woman. Then, she is involved with big trouble because of the wealth.

Lee Mina

She is a director and successor of big group, Myngga.
Though she shares passionate love with Jungmin, she has to give up the love because of family’s needs.

Mina has lived a life as a royal family. Her family blood is different than Shin Ae’s. But, she always considers Shin Ae as her rival because Shin Ae is full of confidence.
She always devaluates Sinae with cheep consolation, curiosity and jealous.

Though she is haughty, selfish as a rich family’s daughter, she shows charms through endless pure love toward one man.

Han Jungmin
Mina’s fiancée and secretly loved by Shin Ae.
He’s handsome, smart and refined man.
After graduated from high school, he supposed to enter Harvard University, but it all fell down because the sudden accidental death of his father.

From the bad memory that he had to give up his fiancée, Mina, he is trapped in twisted desire.

Park Youngmin

He is the son of the owner of small company. Hoping on his father’s money, instead of developing his own ability, he is a little extravagant and vain. But, he is a cute flirt with humane and many affections on small things.

Though he is a little vain, when it comes to the ownership of the company, he dares to conflict against Jungmin, his cousin.

Though he thinks it’s unfortunate for him to meet Shin Ae , he happens to give big presents to Shin Ae without his intention.

Main Cast
Seo Ji Hye as Yoon Shin Ae
Park Jung Ah as Lee Mi Na
Hyun Woo Sung as Han Jung Min
Jung Sung Woon as Park Young Min

Mi Na’s family

Jang Mi Hee as Hong Sun Joo

Shin Ae’s family

Sun Woo Eun Sook as Bang Jung Shim
Lee Shi Un as Yoon Shin Joong
Han Ye Won as Jung Suk Kyung

Jung Min’s family

Moon Hee Kyung as Park Kyung Ja

Young Min’s family

Yoo Hye Ri as Hwang Myung Soon
Dok Go Young Jae as Park Kyung Joon

CEO Baek’s family

Na Young Hee as CEO Baek’s mother
Ryu Tae Joon as Baek Ki Ha / CEO Baek
Yoon Ji Min as Yoo Hwa Young

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