Title: My Love, Madame Butterfly / My Love, Butterfly Lady
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: TBA
Director: Lee Chang Min
Screenwriter: Moon Eun Ah
Broadcast network: SBS, every Saturday & Sunday 20:40
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-06


A former top actress, Nam Na Vi, moves into her in-law house

Character Description

Nam Na Vi
35 years old
Former top actress. An arrogant, proud lady.
She just married for a year. She’s often in up and emotion, so her nickname is Miss up and down. She thought that she could lived as she wished but after marriage , her life is twisted.

Lee Woo Jae
34 years old
Lee Sam Goo’s eldest son. Seol Ah’s former husband. Chief of marketing team in Jeil department store
He’s kind and gentle to everyone. Since Na Vi came to his life, everything started to be twisted

Kim Jung Wook
36 years old. Nam Na Vi’s husband. Real estate developer. Graduated from Berkeley University in US.

Yoon Seol Ah
33 years old
Lee Woo Jae’s former wife. The president of Harien’s shoes. She’s pretyyy and she wants to make Na Vi knows that life is difficult

Lee Jung Ae
Na Vi’s mother-in-law.
She runs a restaurant. She remarried to Byung Ho with a hope to raise her son well. But unfortunately, her son run away.

Yun Ji Yun
32 years old. A junior in Na Vi’s agency. Na Vi’s rival.
After struggled as a nameless actress for 10 years, finally she becomes a star.

Mok Soo Jung
33 years old
High school English teacher. Bright and aggressive personality. Her life was stable but then he met Chang Gi. The man she loved during high school years long time ago.
He wants her now but she tries to escape from him

Kim Baek Ki
29 years old. Kim Byung Ho’s second son
He’s jobless now and dreams to have a prestigious job. He’s playboy who always wants a date every night.

Lee Kuk Hee
22 years old
She run away from North Korea. She’s in high school now. She’s diligent, energetic and loves money.

Kim Sal Goo
18 years old
High school girl. Byung Ho and Jung Ae’s daughter. Unlike other modern high school girls, she acts like a girl from rural area.

Yum Jung Ah as Nam Na Vi
Park Yong Woo as Lee Woo Jae
Kim Sung Soo as Kim Jung Wook
Yoon Se Ah as Yoon Seol Ah
Jang Yong as Kim Byung Ho
Kim Young Ae as Lee Jung Ae
Lee Bo Hee as Bae Shin Ja
Kim Jung Hyun as Kim Chan Ki
Cha Soo Yun as Mok Soo Jung
Kim Young Ok as Yoo Geum Dan
Jung Hye Sun as Nam Goong Maknae
Choi Min Sung as Kim Baek Gi
Kim Joon Hyung as Ri Gook Hee
Kim Ga Eun as Kim Sal Goo
Kim Sung Kyum as Lee Sam Goo
Kim Il Woo as Lee Sung Ryong
Im Sung Min as Hong Mo Rang
Lee Dae Hyun as Lee Yoon
Lee Hee Jin as Yun Ji Yun

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