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Title : KBS Drama Special : My Friend Is Still Alive
Genre : school, drama
Episode : 1
Scriptwriter : Ko Jungwon
Director : Lee Eungbok
Broadcast station : KBS2
Broadcast time : June 19, 2013

Chi Hyun, Myung Soo and Kyung Sook are best friends.
When Kyung Sook received news that his life is going to end because of blood cancer, Chi Hyun and Myung Soo try to cheer him up and fulfill Kyung Sook’s wish.
But, then Chi Hyun feels hurt after that.

Character Description

Kyung Sook

Doctor says he has blood cancer.
He then asked his best friend to help him to have a girlfriend and a first kiss before he dies.

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Chi Hyun

He loves and cares for his best friend , Kyung Sook
When a dying Kyung Sook, said that he loves Kook Hwa, although Chi Hyun himself loves Kook Hwa, Chi Hyun tries his best to make Kyung Soo and Kook Hwa a couple.

Kook Hwa

A high school girl who does everything for a person she likes.
When she visited her boyfriend, Dong Jin, she received request from Chi Hyun to accept Kyung Sook’s feeling.

Lee Ki Kwang as Kyung Sook
Lee Joo Seung as Chi Hyun
Jeon Soo Jin as Kook Hwa
Kim Chang Hwan as Myung Soo
Kim Ye Ryung as Kyung Sook’s mother

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