my dear cat

Title: My Dear Cat / There is a Cat / I Have a Cat / A Cat! Meow / There’s a Meowing Cat
Genre: Family, romance, comedy
Episodes: 100+
Director: Kim Won Yong
Screenwriter: Lee Eun Joo (Radish Kimchi)
Broadcast network: KBS1, every Monday to Friday 20:25
Broadcast period: 2014-Jun-09

A street cat made two characters, a magazine journalist Yang Soon and a law school student Chi Woong meet by destiny. While looking for their lost cats, they get to know the secrets of their families and the conflict and reconciliation among the families will be unfolded. –KBS World

Main Cast
Choi Yoon Young as Go Yang Soon
Hyun Woo as Yum Chi Woong
Choi Min as Yoon Sung Il

Go Yang Soon’s Family
Dokgo Young Jae as Go Dong Joon
Lee Kyung Jin as Han Young Sook
Park So Hyun as Han Eun Sook

Yum Chi Woong’s Family

Lee Jae Yong as Yum Byung Sook
Seo Yi Sook as Hong Soon Ja
Choi Sung Min as Yum Chi Joo

Yoon Sung Il’s Family

Hwang Bum Shik as Yoon Noh In
Kim Seo Ra as Yoon Jung Hye
Go Won Hee as Shin Ji Eun

People in Volcano Building

Jun Hyo Sung as Han Soo Ri
Kim Young Jae as Shin Se Ki
Yoon In Jo as Choi Do Hee
Go Do Young as Joon Ah
Ban Sang Yoon as Hwang Tae Soo

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