Title: Mother’s Garden
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 120+
Director: Noh Do Chul (Sparkling)
Screenwriter: Park Jung Ran (Blissful Woman, I Love You Don’t Cry)
Broadcast network: MBC, every Monday to Friday 20:55
Broadcast period: 2014-Mar-17

A drama that revolves around Seo Yoon Joo’s family bonding and love.

Character Description

Seo Yoon Joo

1st daughter of Seo Byungjin (=President of Daesung Co.Ltd)
She dreams a perfect long lasting marriage just like in the movie. So, she hates political marriage.
She is open-minded and cheerful. Though her mother shows sensitive personality, she comforts her mother well. When her mother nags her for quick marriage, instead of showing nervousness, she responds cutely. When she finds out the secret-of-her-birth, she buttons-up it in her heart instead of showing shocks.

Cha Kijoon 

2nd son of Cha Dongsoo (=Chairman of TS group)
As the last son in the family, he received many loves from family members.
According to his father’s advice, he learned business-management in American University. But, soon, he crushes on Italian food. He quits school to learn Italian food. When his father knows it, he is forced to back to Korea. His father orders him to work in his company. He resists father’s order. So, his father sends him out of home. Then, he makes living as a restaurant helper.

Though he can’t control his own dream and love, he does not give up.

Kim Soo Jin

Daughter of Jung Soon Jung. Yoonjoo’s stepsister.
Ambitious girl who dreams to have a high social status through marriage-like-Cinderella.

Though she becomes a model because of her beauty, she is always just a nameless. As she cannot see future, she tries to catch 1st son of big business group, Cha Sungjoon. She struggles to be a wife of the heir-of-big-chaebol.

Cha Sung Joon

1st son of Cha Dongsoo (=Chairman of TS group). Ki Joon’s elder brother.
As an heir of big group, he is self-possessed and thorough. As he is so cool, sometimes, peoples feel that he’s cold or cruel . He is now dating Soo Jin under the condition that he will not marry her.
He has bad memory, Though he was once introduced to Yoon Joo (=daughter of Daesung Co,Ltd) for marriage, he is rejected by her. That memory remains as an anger in him.

Jung Soonjung

Landlady of boarding house in college-town. 27years ago, she met Seo Byungjin (=Son of Daesung Co.Ltd) in her mother’s cheep cafeteria near Byungjin’s college. Though they loved each other, they could not marry because of objection from Byungjin’s parents. Later, she finds out that she’s pregnant. She had to send her baby, Yoon Joo, to her old rich fiancé, Byungjin, for the baby’s future.

Later, she married again and got other 2 girls, Soo Jin and Soo Ah
Now, she finds her lost girl, Yoon Joo, again.

Cha Boyoung

1st daughter of Cha Dongsoo (=Chairman of TS group). Elder sister of Sung Joon and Ki Joon.
She has lived as a daughter in a big business group, and, as a housewife of big company owner.
She does not know the difficulties in life. She does not care other people. She does not know kindness.

Kim Soo Ah

Jung Soonjung’s last daughter. Younger sister of Yoon Joo and Soo Jin. She is good-hearted, bright and healthy. As she likes to put her nose in somebody else’s matter, her nickname is ‘grandmother’.

Jung Yoo Mi as Seo Yoon Joo
Choi Tae Joon as Cha Ki Joon
Uhm Hyun Kyung as Kim Soo Jin
Go Se Won as Cha Sung Joon
Go Doo  as Jung Soon Jung

Yoon Joo’s family

Kil Yong Woo as Seo Byung Jin
Na Young Hee as Yoo Ji Sun
Dan Woo as Seo Jong Ha

Ki Joon’s family

Park Geun Hyung as Cha Dong Soo
Kim Chang Sook as Oh Kyung Sook
Choo So Young as Cha Bo Yeong

Soon Jung’s family

Kim Bo Ra as Kim Soo Ah
Jang Jung Hee as Noh Ra

Other People

Jung Hwan as Byun Tae Soo
Lee El as Kim Ja Kyung
Kim Sa Kwon as Ha Dong Chang
Min Do Hee as Ha Ri Ra ( cameo)

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