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Title: Miss Korea
Genre: Drama, romance, comedy, family
Episodes: 20
Director: Kwon Suk Jang (Golden Time, Pasta)
Screenwriter: Seo Sook Hyang (Romance Town, Pasta, Mr. Goodbye)
Broadcast network: MBC, every Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
Broadcast period: 2013-Dec-18 to 2014-Feb-26

A drama set in 1997, depicts a story of office men who try to make Oh Ji Young Miss Korea, in order to save their cosmetic company. Oh Ji Young is elevator girl who was the most popular girl back in high school also the best looking girl in the neighborhood.

Character Description

Kim Hyungjoon
30 years old. President of ‘BB Cosmetics’.

He invented a new product of beauty care but has no money to produce and sell it.
An investor comes to help but with one condition, they want to see BB Cosmetics gets popular by producing a Miss Korea.

Hyungjoon was a small hearted boy in high school. ( **Usually, high school boy and girl attaches badge so people can identified their school.) Though he lived in the same village with Jiyoung when they were young, though he crushed on her , he didn’t know her school. If he saw her badge one time, it was very easy. But, the badge was attached in her chest. He was not brave enough to see girl’s chest,
But, now, he becomes different type of man. Macho punk businessman is him.

In the age of 30, he visits Jiyoung again.
But, she changed very much. She was so pretty when young. But, she looks very cheap and ignorant now , even though she’s still pretty.

He decided to change and refine her.
To make whole world love the woman whom he loved once, he tried to ‘love’ her one more time.

Oh Jiyoung

27 years old. Cheep-looking-beautiful  girl.

When she was a high-school girl, she was a daughter of cigar-shop owner which was located in front of all boy’s high school. Lots of high school boy’s heart was fired whenever she’s  coming to the shop.
Her present job is a ‘lift-operating-girl’ who is on the high risk of easy layoff. Her last education was high school, so she could not get high-level job better than lift-operating girl.

With her beauty during the high school , ‘frivolousness’ and ‘image of cheap girl’ are added. Anyway, she becomes sexier than high school age. She likes eating, sexy movie, and low-class-comedy very much. When she laughs, she laughs very loudly with mouth open widely. She likes to count money. She likes free-things very much.

As her mother died when se was a baby, her remaining family was just 4 males. (=grandfather, father, uncle and elder brother). They gave her ‘Yes’ whatever she did. So, she becomes reckless girl.

Suddenly, one day, one of the boys who liked her in her high-school-age visits her, and, promises that he will change her into Miss-Korea. Even though she cannot believe his big-talk, she decided to try and believe him.
Though afraid and scary, with braveness!

Ma Aeri

55 years old. Beauty Salon ‘Queen’ Owner.
Beauty salon ‘Queen’ is the rival of ‘BB Cosmetics’. They becomes rival for making ‘Miss-Korea’

She produced many Miss-Koreas for several years. She was also a Miss-Korea when she was young. From the slum that she had lived in her young ages, Miss-Korea title saved her life. She loved her shop and candidate-for-Miss-Korea in her shop.

She tries to make Miss Korea this year again. She looks for adequate candidate, but, it is not easy. She travelled the whole nation to find qualified beauty as a ‘Queen’

Mr. Jung

40 years old. A member of ‘Renewal Capital’.

‘Renewal Capital’ is a private money-lending company. But , the truth is, they are crime and gangster’s place.

He was also once a gangster, but, now, he is treated as old and useless bum in his fields. He was pushed to retire from company.
His boss promised him that, if Mr.Jung succeeded to receive reimbursement from ‘BB Cosmetics’ debt, 30 % would be his share.
So, he stays at ‘BB cosmetics’ almost every day. While he stays at ‘BB cosmetics’, he likes to advise the nasty and cruelty of the world to the staffs of ‘BB cosmetics’.

While he stays at ‘BB cosmetics’ to press early reimbursement of debt, he is also involved with ‘Miss Korea project’ If the project failed, he would also in the problem.

Go Hwajung

32 years old. R&D section head of ‘BB Cosmetics’.

Many new product of ‘BB Cosmetics comes from her idea. She has some special feeling for Hyungjoon and the company. But, Hyungjoon is so busy, he does not pay attention to her. As Mr. Jung gives many hard times to Hyungjoon and the company, she hates Mr.Jung.

Lee Yoon

30 years old. Alumni of Hyungjoon.

He looks very smart, wealthy and intelligent. It is ridiculous thing that Hyungjoon acts like punk. He remembered Hyungjoon as a small-hearted boy. He decided to teach Hyungjoon the world. What money means, what business means, how cruel the world is.

Kim Jaehee

24 years old. Rival of Oh Jiyoung.

With a perfect and pure-skin gifted by god, she is a No.1 candidate of Miss-Korea this year. There are many rumors about her: For example, her family is very wealthy, there is a scent of smoke (=She may smoke in secret place). But, she says nothing.

Main Cast
Lee Yeon Hee as Oh Ji Young (27)
Lee Sun Kyun as Kim Hyung Joon (30)
Lee Ki Woo as Lee Yoon (30)
Song Sun Mi as Go Hwa Jung (32)
Lee Sung Min as Teacher Jung (40)
Lee Mi Sook as Ma Ae Ri (55)
Go Sung Hee as Kim Jae Hee (24)
Heo Tae Hee as Section Chief Yoon
Kang Han Na as Im Sun Joo
Ha Yun Joo as Shin Sun Young
Go In Bum as Jae Hee’s father
Kang Tae Oh as Ma Ae Ri’s son
Park Ha Na as Han So Jin
Moon Ji In as Kim Yoo Ra
Yoo Eun Ho as Jung Eun Ah
Kim Ye Won as Lee Young Sun
Jung Seung Kil as President Hwang
Hong Ji Min as Yang Choon Ja
Oh Jung Se as Kim Hong Sam
Choi Jae Hwan as Kim Kang Woo
Jo Sang Ki as Kim Kang Shik
Jang Yong as Oh Jong Goo
Jung Kyu Soo as Oh Myun Sang
Jung Suk Yong as Oh Woong Sang
Baek Bong Ki as Oh Ji Suk
Im Ye Jin as Go Bong Hee
Jang Won Young as Manager Park
Choi Hyun Seo as Kim Hye Mi

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