MBC Best Theater : LUNCH BOX


Title : Lunch Box / Dosirak
Genre: Romance
Format: MBC Best Theater
Episodes: 1
Producer: Park Sung Soo
Director: Lee Tae Gon
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast date: 2010-Oct-03, Sunday 23:35

The story of a middle-aged couple filled only with pain from a sad past, contrasted with a pair of young lovers who only look ahead and dream of a bright future.

Main Cast
Lee Min Jung as Hee Young
Im Seul Ong as Soo Chul
Bae Han Sung as Heo Chang Shik
Cha Hwa Yun as Park Sook Ja
Oh Dae Hwan as Byung Kyu
Park Hye JinĀ  as Byung Kyu’s mother


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