Title: Mandate of Heaven / The Fugitive of Joseon / Heaven’s Order / Heaven’s Will

Genre: Period, Thriller
Episodes: 24
Director: Lee Jin Suh, Jeon Woo Sung
Scriptwriter: Choi Min Ki, Yoon Soo Jung
Broadcast network: KBS2, every Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-24

A medical practitioner becomes fugitive because of false accusation.
While on the run, he’s also struggling to save his daughter from terminal illness

Character Description

Choi Won

Royal doctor

His life principle is : No need to be a big man. Live small life, but, live long life!
He’s a great royal doctor who works in palace. But, he hides it.
He’s not interested in promotion, he only wants to spend time with his daughter.
He’s also not interested in palace’s politic, he only wants to find the cure for his daughter.
Because of that, he is treated as a crazy, delinquent doctor in the palace. But, he is not a doctor who does not have skill. He just avoids political game.

Hong Dain

Royal nurse.

She’s a neat nurse in the palace who’s very displeased that a doctor like Choi Won only wandering around in the palace
When her father was involved in political feud, she happened to be the government slave, then a doctor saved her.

Lee Ho

Crown prince of King Joongjong. In real history, He becomes King next to his father. He was the political rival of Queen Munjung.

Unfortunate Crown prince with two faces.
In the midst of bloody political war, he could keep his position because he’s smart and noble.
But he also has his craziness too.
Since he was born as the crown prince, his life has been threatened.
Many of his beloved men have been killed , such as his personal doctor Choi Changson and his personal teacher Jo Kwangjo. As he could not save them, he always suspects all people around him. That was the way he has lived.

But, there is only one man whom he can believe in the palace. The man had helped him to be King safely. It is Choi Changson’s grandson, Choi Won

Choi Rang

Choi Won’s only daughter. She has incurable disease.

Her mother died when gave birth to her.
The more she grows up, the more she resembles her dead mother. Even ‘the bad illness that caused her mother’s death’ is inherited to her. (Later, the illness was identified as blood cancer). In spite of incurable illness, she is bright and smart.
She knows that her illness makes her father sad and difficult.

Queen Munjung

2nd queen of King Joongjong.

Lady who wanted to be a King nstead of Queen.
She tries to assassinate Crown prince, Lee Ho, to make her own son as the King. She is the hidden-leader of SoYoon group (=One of government power group).
When she was chosen as the 2nd Queen at the age of 16, people in the palace just wanted her to be a warm mother of baby Lee Ho. But, it was not enough for her. To have power, she must make her own son as the King.
Lee Ho, Crown prince is the only obstacle for her.

Lee Junghwan

Policeman. Cold chaser who chases Choi Won.

He is a born soldier.
He is a lady-killer who knows every geisha’s name in geisha house.
But, he is the best detective with superior martial art skill. He also mastered forensic science. So, his arrest rate reaches 100%. Among thieves, his nickname is “Measles devil”. The nickname means; if a thief is noticed by him, he is already near in dead-status. So, it is his destiny that he chases a refugee who murdered royal doctor in the palace.

So Baek

Geochil’s daughter. Simple, ignorant and lively girl.

Sole daughter of street-thieves-boss. She met Choi Won while he running as a fugitive. She is simple and ignorant. Her laugh is loud and she wishes she’s born as a man and she lost her mother in her early age.
When she attacked the prison to rescue her father, she happenen to help Choi Won.

Lee Dong Wook as Choi Won
Song Ji Hyo as Hong Da In
Yoon Jin Yi as So Baek
Song Jong Ho as Lee Jung Hwan
Im Seul Ong as Crown Prince Lee Ho
Kang Byul as Choi Woo Young
Kim Yoo Bin as Choi Rang
Kim Hyung Bum
Jo Dal Hwan
Sung Woong as Do Moon
Park Ji Young as Queen Moonjung
Kim Mi Kyung
Lee Won Jong
Lee Hee Do
Lee Jae Yong
Choi Phillip as Min Do Saeng
Kwon Hyun Sang as Im Kkeok Jeong
Yum Dong Hyun

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