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Title: Make A Wish / Tell Me Your Wish
Genre: Family, romance
Episodes: 100+
Director: Choi Won Suk, Lee Jae Jin
Screenwriter: Park Eon Hee
Broadcast network: MBC, every Monday to Friday 19:15
Broadcast period: 2014-Jun-23 


This is a story of bride who struggles to clear her bridegroom’s false accusation.
Her bridegroom became vegetative status with sudden-accident on their wedding day.
Moreover, he is falsely charged with misappropriating of company money.

Character Description

Han Sowon

She operates small cafeteria with her step-mother, Jungsook.
She has lived her life diligently while helping family.

When her to-be-husband becomes vegetative-status-from-accident and falsely-charged with crime case, she entered the company. There, she succeeded to get name as a food specialist.

Kang Jinhee

He is a Korean-American. His American name is Genie Kang.
He is a sole son of James Kang (=Kang Doosuk) who operates food-company in America.
Jinhee developed his father’s small company to big company.
He helps Sowon in many things.

Song Ihyun

She is a granddaughter of chairman.
She is now fighting against her step-mother, Sin Heran, to win the biggest power in the company.

Though she has a good education and family background, she has no experience of cooking with her own hand. This is her weak point inside the food company
She hires Han Sowon as a help of her weakness.
Soon, Han Sowon and Song Ihyun start to compete for to open a new restaurant and Kang Jinhee.

Lee Jungsook

Step-mother of Sowon and biological mother of Dawon. Though she talks too clearly to kick out customers, as her cooking skill is very good, her cafeteria runs quite good. Though she often complains that cooking-in-cafeteria is so hard, actually, she likes cooking. The reason, that she does not want to hand over recipes to Sowon, is not because Sowon is step-daughter. Jungsook loves Sowon, and, she wishes Sowon to earn easy job. When Sowon earns job in big company, , she hands over her recipe willingly to help Sowon.

Shin Hyeran

Step-mother of Ihyun. Reliable daughter-in-law of chairman. 2nd wife of sole son. But, her husband died a few years ago. Her ambition is taking over ownership from Ihyun.

Han Dawon

Step-sister of Sowon. She is inferior to Sowon in many things. : Lack-of-patience, doesn’t like school, insisting-self-will. She treats Sowon as her competitor. But, actually, inwardly, she likes and relies on Sowon in many things.

With the pride that her beauty is better than Sowon, she dreams to be actress. But, it is not easy. She changed her target-in-life to marry wealthy boy Song Sukhyun.

Song Sukhyun

Biological son of Shin Hyeran. As he is often treated inferior by peoples comparing to smart step-sister, Ihyun, as he is pressed by mother to catch up step-sister, his heart becomes small.

He becomes a person who makes all tragedy.

Main Cast
Oh Ji Eun as Han So Won
Ki Tae Young as Kang Jin Hee
Yoo Ho Rin as Song Yi Hyun

People from Dongsan-dong

Kim Mi Kyung as Lee Jung Sook (So Won’s step mother)
Song Yoo Jung as Han Da Won (Jung Sook’s daughter)
Park Jae Jung as Jang Hyun Woo (So Won’s husband) special appearance
Lee Duk Hee as Kim Choo Cha (So Won’s mother-in-law)
Lee Jong Soo as Jang Gyun Woo (So Won’s older brother-in-law)

People from Sungbook-dong

Cha Hwa Yun as Shin Hye Ran (Yi Hyun’s step mother)
Yun Joon Suk as Song Suk Hyun (Hye Ran’s son)
Kim Young Ok as Choi Hoe Jang (Yi Hyun’s grandmother)
Im Ji Eun as Jo Myung Hee (Yi Hyun’s aunt)


Kim Byung Choon as Ji Sang Keun (Chief of the Strategic Planning Division of CE Group)

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