Title:  Love Rain / Sarangbi/ Love Rides the Rain
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Director: Yoon Suk Ho
Screenwriter: Oh Soo Yun
Broadcast network: KBS2, Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2012-March-26 to 2012-May 29


Love Rain tells love story of 2 generations , the analog and the digital era.
In 1970s, Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee met and fell in love but they didn’t end up together.
In the present 21st century, Seo In Ha’s son and Kim Yoon Hee’s daughter meet and fall in love. Now, will they become a couple ?

Character Description

2012 Jang Hana (24 years old/ Research student, Gardener)

If you give trees love, they wil grow well.

Never did I thought that the tree in my heart will grow so big that I can no longer hide it.

She is the daughter of Yoonhee and Jang Siheon, who was an international student that Yoonhee met in USA.

A clear-headed, soft and occasionally annoying girl, she used to study gardening in Japan.

Hana believes that plants and humans are inked through their hearts and  will talk to sick plants and sing songs to them, sometimes surprising  other people. But as you get to know Hana more, you will be mesmerized  by her healthy charisma. She has an annoying but upright character, and  has an aura around her that makes people happy.

Her city-like standards and preferences gave White Garden employees a new experience.

Hana had decided to find her mother’s first love as her mother had been  unable to forget him. In her search, she went to Hokkaido, where she met  the mega-jerk SeoJun! He picks at Hana’s country-like clothes without  regards for her feelings. He does the same to everything she does. It  was as if SeoJun was born to insult people and nothing else. Hana’s once  peaceful life will be irrevocably changed by this meeting.

Now 24, Hana’s first love story will begin soon.

2012 Seo Jun

Seo Joon: I’m just myself. No one can impinge me. I’m In Ha’s son.

He is a photographer who can shoot unique photos; who has outstanding handsome face; who also has successful career overseas.

He has “Prince Symptoms”

Like he is always right; he is the best; he doesn’t care how other people look at him.

He speaks of his mind frankly wherever he is. He has bitter tongue which he won’t care who you are.

But ironically, he is the photographer who can perfectly shows people’s charisma in his photos.

Seo Jun is casual for his love life. He has the fame of being Casanova in the business.

People say about him:” 3 seconds for girls to fell for him”.

He always says this to his girls:”  I don’t believe in love. My father is miserable because he can never  forget his first love. And that was the tragedy to my mother. I don’t  want a love like that.”

For shooting a photobook, he came to Japan and there, he met a girl that he could never predicate, Ha Na.

In his dictionary of fashion there is no way you can find Ha Na, the saucebox. He wouldn’t give in on her by any chance.

When he was looking for sceneries  with his lens, he caught a moment of Ha Na. Her innocent face suddenly  made him feel that he has a heart attack, his heart was beating like  crazy.

Even he couldn’t believe it; and  he kept denying it, but from the moment he met Ha Na, his life and his  feeling are all become a mess.

Lee Sun Ho

Son of Lee Doon Wook (In Ha’s friend) and  friend of Seo Joon, a doctor, has a warm heart and nice guy compare to  mean sharp tongue Seo Joon. He has a younger sister, who is a popular  model, has “Princess Symptoms”…

2012 Seo In Ha (55 years old/Professor of Art Institute)

First love, the more you are trying to grab it, the more it get slipped through your fingers.

He is Seo Joon’s father, a professor of Korean Art Institute.

32 years ago, he let Yoon Hee leave him. When he was desperate, it was Hye Jung besides him and staying with him.

He and Hye Jun got married. The mirage lasted for 10 years. When Seo Jun 10 years old, Hye Jung asked for a divorce.

He never forget Yoon Hee for a  single moment. He can not lie and hide his feeling, even just for a  little bit, it will show on his face.

In Ha felt guilty for hurting others because that he can’t get out of his past feeling. So he just wants to have a quiet life.

But, after past his 50s, he and  Yoon Hee met again. She is still as the Yoon Hee many years ago,  delicate and beautiful just appeared by his side.

This time, even for being selfish, he won’t want to miss her again

Kim Yoon Hee (2012)

Yoon  Hee had Ha Na with a Korean student in US, she still loves In Ha and  living a life with memory of their love.

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Jang Geun Suk as Seo In Ha
Yoona as Kim Yoon Hee
Kim Si Hoo as Lee Dong Wook
Son Eun Seo as Baek Hye-Jung
Seo In Guk as Kim Chang Mo
Hwang Bo Ra as Na In Sook

Jang Geun Suk as Seo Joon (In Ha’s son)
Im Yoon Ah as Jung Ha Na (Yoon Hee’s daughter)
Kim Si Hoo as Lee Sun Ho (Dong Wook’s son)
Jung Jin Young Seo In Ha (Seo Joon’s dad)
Lee Mi Sook as Kim Yoon Hee (Ha Na’s mom)
Kim Young Kwang as Han Tae Sung
Oh Seung Yoon as Jo Soo
Park Se Young as Lee Mi Ho (Sun Ho’s younger sister)
Lee Chan Ho as Jang Soo
Shin Ji Ho as In Sung
Kwon In Ha as Lee Dong Wook
Yoo Hye Ri as Baek Hye Jung
Park Ji Il as Kim Chang Mo
Seo In Guk as Kim Jeon Sul (Chang Mo’s nephew)

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  • Love Rain has been accused of plagiarism by production company Egg Fils who made movie ‘The Classic‘ (starred by Son Ye Jin).
    On June 7, 2012 Egg Film requested for a ban of broadcasting along with ban of sales because Love Rain has used The Classic’s detailed plot lines, plot developments, character interaction and even inner expressions of the characters that push the plot forward.
    Actually on May 16, 2012 (while Love Rain was still airing), Love Rain’s production staff has requested Egg Film to drop the legal action but because there’s no mutual agreement, Egg Film finally applied a provisional disposition

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Subtitle  :

Jung Ha Na: My mother could not forget her first love…
Jung Ha Na: But she said she was happy because of those memories…

Lee Dong Wook: In Ha, do you believe in fate?
Seo In Ha: Fate…

Jung Ha Na: So if you make up your mind, you can make any woman fall for you within three seconds…

Jung Ha Na: One…Two…Three…
Jung Ha Na: What are you doing? Are you crazy?



episode date AGB TNS
1 2012/3/26 5.8 6.1
2 2012/3/27 5.2 6.0
3 2012/4/2 4.4 4.8
4 2012/4/3 5.3 5.3
5 2012/4/9 5.4 5.2
6 2012/4/10 5.9 6.5
7 2012/4/16 5.0 5.5
8 2012/4/17 6.4 6.0
9 2012/4/23 5.2 4.7
10 2012/4/24 5.6 5.0
episode date AGB TNS
11 2012/4/30 5.6 4.7
12 2012/5/1 5.2 4.3
13 2012/5/7 5.1 4.0
14 2012/5/8 5.8 4.6
15 2012/5/14 6.0 4.6
16 2012/5/15 5.2 4.2
17 2012/5/21 5.6 4.7
18 2012/5/22 5.0 4.7
19 2012/5/28 5.3 5.5
20end 2012/5/29 5.9 5.6
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