Title: Love Again
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Director: Hwang In Roe
Writer: Kim Eun Hee
Broadcast network: jTBC, every Wednesday & Thursday 20:45
Broadcast period: 2012-April-25 to 2012-June-14
This drama also known as the Korean version of Japanese drama titled Love Again Shokogun / Dosokai

Ji Hyun (Kim Ji Soo)’s husband is out of a job, life has been difficult for Ji Hyun lately so she decided to attend her class reunion party to cheer herself up, where she hopes to meet old friends. At the party, she reunite with her old friends after 30 years and getting know how their  life…

Character Description

Im Ji Hyun
Temporary employee at cafeteria of general hospital
She has 9th grade son and 6th grade daughter. She has a clean and neat appearance as she still looks young for her age. She is still in positive spirit although her husband just fired from his job.
But when she falls in love again with her childhood school mate Young Wook, her peaceful life turns into a big mess.

Seo Young Wook
Police chief in Namsoh division
He married to 7 years younger police woman Soo Jin and they have a 9th grade son. He graduated from elite police school but he’s modest, straight and humble.
Then his life faces trouble when he involved in love affair with Ji Hyun

Lee Tae Jin
Columnist and editor of a magazine.
As a single man for 7 years, he pretends that he’s a strong and not a coward man. When he learns that his life is about to end because of an illness,  he feels loneliness. He is in rivalry with Young Wook, but he supports Young Wook’s love-life very much.

Kim Min Hee
A rich housewife in Gangnam
Although she always appears with high style, there’s loneliness and pain inside her. She dreams a love story with Tae Jin but she is in deep grief when she finds out Tae Jin’s disease.
She had a crush with Young Wook when they were school mates and she still feels jealous to Ji Hyun. But finally she becomes Ji Hyun’s biggest supporter.

Jung Sun Kyu
Ji Hyun’s husband
He had a good career and works as a big company’s director. But after he got fired, he is difficult to find another job because of his towering pride. His anger explodes when he finds his wife’s love affairs

Kim Ji Soo as Im Ji Hyun
Ryu Jung Han as Seo Young Wook
Jun Noh Min as Jung Sun Kyu
Choi Chul Ho as Lee Tae Jin
Lee Ah Hyun as Kim Mi Hee
Kim So Hyun as Yoo Ri (Ji Hyun’s daughter)
Yoon Da Kyung as Nam Si Yeong

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episode date rating
1 2012/4/25 1.786
2 2012/4/26 1.372
3 2012/5/2 1.860
4 2012/5/3 1.261
5 2012/5/9 1.370
6 2012/5/10 1.163
7 2012/5/16 1.464
8 2012/5/17 1.236
episode date rating
9 2012/5/23 1.431
10 2012/5/24 1.476
11 2012/5/30 1.312
12 2012/5/31 1.642
13 2012/6/6 1.229
14 2012/6/7 1.538
15 2012/6/13 1.020
16end 2012/6/14 1.149

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