looking forward to romance korean drama

Title : Looking Forward to Romance / Expect Dating / Hope for Dating / Hope for Love / Anticipate Love
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 2
Director: Lee Eun Jin
Broadcast network: KBS2, Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-11 to 2013-Sep-12


Joo Yeon Ae who always unsuccessful in romance seek a love-consultation from Cha Ki Dae, a playboy expert .

Character Description

Joo Yeon Ae
(Female. 26 years old/Girl with obsessive personality)

“Love…..Make me not to do it”

She has perfect face and body, so many boys come to her life. But they all suddenly left her in the early stages of their relationship.
Because she’s utterly obsessive with love.

She’s quite famous in the online world, since her video, when she was throwing octopus to the face of a man who betrayed her love, went viral in the internet.
Since then, she got nickname : Octopus girl.

She just hopes to receive love. So, she joined a love-consultation through SNS, so that she learns a more practical love.
Then she meets ordinary man, Jung Jin Gook. He’s not her ideal type but she feels that she falls in love with him.

But, why?
Her heart heads to the love-consultant she never meets and even she doesn’t know his name.
Would she risk her real-life love with Jin Gook for that invisible man ?

Cha Ki Dae (Male. 28 years old/Jobless man even with good academic grade)

“Love. How expensive it is.”

His family wasn’t wealthy so, he did many part time jobs to complete his academic tuition cost.
He had a bad memory when his former girlfriend refused his proposal.
He’s the perfect example of this era when man lives in anxiety about job and marriage.

Now, he has a girlfriend, Sae Rom, but rather than gives his all to her, he tends to act calculatively and rationally in his relationship.

One day, he starts online-mentoring Yeon Ae , a girl who wants to be successful in love.
And he starts to have a feeling for her.

Jung Jin Gook (Male. 26 years old/Born Solo)

“I want to love you according to your way. With you!”

He is an ordinary man but he’s a good man. He has good family, good job, and good personality.
Dating Yunae is the first time for him, so he made many mistakes , but because he’s truly loving her, his mistakes become a cute thing.

Choi Sae Rom (Female. 26 years old. Big back talker)

“I want to keep my 1st memory for the time being, Oppa”

The only child of a wealthy family. Realistic and calculative girl.
So, she and Gidae match very well. She just wants to live ordinary life just like others. So, she dates plain-but-flawless Gidae. She loves him with her own style.


Choi Daniel as Cha Ki Dae
BoA as Joo Yeon Ae
Kim Ji Won as Choi Sae Rom
Im Si Wan as Jung Jin Kook
Oh Jung Se as Philip
Kim Min Young as Eun Jung

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Trailer 1

Trailer 2


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