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Title: Let’s Eat
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Director: Park Joon Hwa
Screenwriter: Im Soo Mi (Rude Miss Young Ae)
Broadcast network: tvN, every Thursday 23:00
Broadcast period: 2013-Nov-28

A drama about the lives of four single people living on their own, hungry for food and love.

(Now, in Korea, one-person households are increasing. The person, who lives alone without family, must be lonely. This drama will describe their daily life and romance)

Character Description

No 805 Lee Sukyung

Age : 33 years old
Job : Office staff in Attoney Kim Hakmun
Career as single woman : 3 years
Style of eating : Life is….not Eating-for-maintaining living. Life is….Living for eating good things.

She lives as a single woman for 3 years. She is now living together with puppy ‘Bara’. Why I did not know earlier in my 20s? Marriage is not suitable thing for me!

Since she divorced after 6 month marriage, she decided to live by herself.

Though her income is not enough, she invests all income for herself.
“All of my income is for me, by myself!”

Just one problem of her is that her main invest is for eating. In the daily life, searching internet to find out better eating place is her hobby!
But, most of restaurant’s menu is for more than 2 people!
She’s a prideful woman, but if you hear her unique nasal voice with licking lips, it means that she is already lost in eating.

Whenever she feels stress from boss’s annoying miscellaneous orders, she put chocolate in her mouth.

As her main job is listening client’s legal problem , she becomes a person who tends to suspect anything. Now, she finds out most suspicious male. It’s her neighbor, Goo Daeyoung!
He seems stay at home all day long. Lying to female all day through phone! Moreover, saying grossly to her ‘Nuna, nuna’. What kind of man this is!

No 806 Goo Daeyoung

Age : 29 years old.
Job : He does not want to let other people know.
Career as single man : 9 years
Style of eating : Many knowledge about eating. My explanation about food can makes stone-Buddha’s mouth watering.
Signature/There is no defeatism in my life. So, my signature is ‘9:0’

Since his age of college, he has lived alone for 9 years. 9 years of single-life gives big realization for him. It is……for male, home is just like expressway resting place.
He gives most of used cloth to laundry. Rather than cooking for himself, he eats every meal in restaurant. Actually, amount of money consumption is almost the same. So, he becomes to be smart source for restaurant information: which restaurant can do which kind of food. The method of eating for a certain type of food.
When he describes the taste of food, everybody’s mouth will be watering.

As he wants to be friend with all people in the world, when he meets new person, he tries to find any connection-point with the person. So, his hometown, religion, graduated school is easily switched according to whom he meets.
Then, who is this big liar?

No 804 Yoon Jin Yi

Age : 23 years old
Job : During stop-out from college. Her major is fashion.
Career as single woman : One day.
Style of eating : Hearing Daeyoung oppa makes meal more delicious. His explanation is good appetizer!

She just became one-person households. Actually, she has risen in wealthy family. Because of bankruptcy of father’s business, her family separated everywhere. Though it may be tragic thing, with her born aggressiveness, she enjoys her life as a newly one-person household.

She enjoys her 1st cooking in life; she enjoys decorating her room with her own hand. She likes to take self-photo-of-her-works and enjoys uploading it to SNS.

As she majors in fashion, she is fashionable. She is friendly with neighbors. As she was raised in wealthy family, her consumption is not so stingy even after father’s bankruptcy. With miscellaneous housework, she calls for service-center. Whenever she uses service-center, neighbor oppa, Goo Daeyoung appears and helps. Whenever Goo Daeyoung gives hand to her, her heart is beating.

Attorney Kim Hak Moon

Age : 35 years old
Job : Attoney
Career as single man : 1 day
Style of eating : Miss Lee Sookyung! You decide!

He is president of Attorney Office Kim Hakmoon. He works very hard to advertise his office. He keeps pushing and nagging Sookyung all day in the office till she put chocolate in mouth continuously.

He has secret for himself.
When he was a college-boy who studied to become lawyer, he tried to approach Sookyung who was college’s queen. But, Sookyung denied his poor appearance immediately. His confession of love kicked out immediately by Sookyung when they were in college.
Because of destroyed 1st love, he studied hard and succeeded, becomes lawyer. But, Sookyung even cannot recognize or remember who he was.
His heart broke once again.

He wants to forget the 2 times bitter memory and gets revenge.
But, why my heart is still shaking?
Kim Hakmoon, wake up!


People in Royal Family Officetel

Lee Soo Kyung as Lee Soo Kyung
Yoon Doo Joon as Goo Dae Young
Yoon So Hee as Yoon Jin Yi

Kim Hak Moon Attorney’s Office

Shim Hyung Tak as Kim Hak Moon
Lee Do Yun as Oh Do Yun
Jang Won Young as Choi Kyu Shik (office manager)
Jung Soo Young as Park Kyung Mi (Kyu Shik’s wife)

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