Title: King’s Dream / The Great King’s Dream / Dream of the Emperor / King Taejong Muyeol
Genre: Historical
Producer: Han Joon Seo
Director: Shin Chang Suk, Kim Sang Hwi
Screenwriter: Yoo Dong Yoon, Kim Seon Duk
Episodes: 80 + 1 Special
Broadcast network: KBS1,every Saturday & Sunday 21:40
Broadcast period: 2012-Sep-02

Kim Choon Choo and warrior Kim Yoo Sin destroyed the Baekjae and created the unification of ancient Korea

Character Description


Kim Choon Choo (year 603 -661, child – 59 years old)

His posthumous title is Taejong-Muyul. The 29th emperor of Silla.
With ambitious will to rebuild world-power, he projected the unification of Korea as well as politic and justice. He was the original brain of unified-Silla.

After the golden age of King Jinpyung (540—576), from the noble’s coup d’état, the royal group ruled the empire in behind. It created instability for the empire. Queen Sukduk, next emperor of Jinpyung, has no long-vision in spite of personal smartness. So, the empire was in crisis with the resistance of nobles and ordinary peoples.

As Kim Chunchu was born and grown up in this era, he started to keep his ambition of rebuild Silla to be a great empire.

He is the descendant of King Jinji, who was expelled by noble’s falsely. His dream was a peace in the world, switches armor into agricultural devices, stops the poor people to sell their kids for the food.

He would sacrifice himself for a big goal, he would kneel in front of political enemy and would gine his own life for friendship.
He was thoughtful to his woman, and also a great father.
But he also suffered agonizing battle with his inner circle who wanted to grab power.

Finally, he threw away personal desire and comfortableness for the good causes, and made glorious cultural achievement through unification of Korea.


Kim Yoo Sin (year 595—673. 15 years old –79 years old)

The no. 1 leading man of unification of 3 countries in ancient Korea. The founding contributor of United-Silla. He is one of the greatest military general in Korean history. He never lost in the battle. His name was already famous as the Messiah of Silla even when he was still living. His name was famous among Silla, Baekjae, Goguryo, ancient Japan and the Tang empire.

Kim Yoo Sin is a great-grandson of Kim Koo Hyung, the last King of Kaya, who had surrendered to Silla. His grandfather is the person who cut the head of King Sung, the King of Baekjae, in the battle of Okchun on year 553. It was done under the reign of King Jinpyung.

The descendants of royal family and nobles of Kaya were brave and have upright spirit.
Kim Yoo Sin’s father, Kim Soo Hyun, like a brave soldier, kidnapped a daughter of Sookheuljong and run away to rural area. Not for long, the couple got Kim Yoo Sin.

The dramatic meeting of Kim Yoo Sin & Kim Choon Cho opened new opportunity for both of them.
Kim Choon Cho has been blocked by other nobles because he was a descendant of discarded king, King Jinji. For Kim Yoo Sin, Kim Choon Choo was a man who has a kingdom background. For Kim Choon Cho, Kim Yoo Sin was the military power that will guard his political dream.

Two heroes, a military hero and a great political leader, made their first step of unification of Korea.


Queen Sunduk (…. – year 647, Early 30th—mid of 50th)

27th Emperor of the Silla. She ruled Silla for 15 years. Her childish name is Dukman.
She is the first daughter of King Jinpyung and Queen Maya. As King Jinpyung passed away without son, she became the first female emperor of Silla.
It’s written on Samkuksaki (=ancient book that records history) that her posture is like dragon, phoenix or the Sun, she is the first female emperor that received royalty and love from servants or peoples with her smartness and kindness.

Though she was always ready to sacrifice herself for Silla’s revival and accepted political-marriage to Kalmun(=King-to-be of Silla, brother of King Jinpyung, her uncle) .
When the political-marriage , which was prepared to save Silla, was failed, King Jinpyung started to think to crown Dukman as the emperor. But, then his second wife , Seungman, succeeded to give birth to son.

When queen Seungman started to show her intention to grab the power using her son, Dukman hold hands with Kim Choon Choo and Kim Yoo Sin, and finally she became the emperor.


Queen Seungman

Second wife of King Jinpyung.
No.1 enemy of Princess Dukman, Kim Choon Choo and Kim Yoo Sin.

She was the descendant of King Jinheung (=late King).
Queen Sado felt pity for Seungman because her mother was dead when gave birth. So, Queen Sado brought baby Seungman to palace and raised her like her own granddaughter.

Queen Sado (=Mother of King Jinpyung. Grandmother of the empire) had tried to secure ‘The road of God’s country’ through the marriage of Kalmun & Princess Dukman.
But, due to Kalmu’s insanity, the plan failed.
Then she made Seungman as the second wife of King Jinpyung. As expected, when first wife of Jinpyung, the sick Queen Maya died, Seungman became the authentic first wife of King Jinpyung upon the unanimous request of Queen Sado & other nobles.

When Queen Sado passed away, Seungman became the real power of ‘The road of God’s country.’
With the help of the nobles, her skilled political ability and military power, she positioned herself as the real power of the kingdom.


Choi Soo Jong as Kim Choon Choo
Chae Sang Woo as young Choon Choo (young)
Kim Yoo Suk as Kim Yoo Shin
Noh Young Hak as young Yoo Shin (young)
Park Joo Mi as Queen Seon Duk / Princess Duk Man
Sun Joo Ah as young Duk Man
Lee Young Ah as Queen Seung Man
Kim Hyun Soo as young Seung Man

Silla Bureau Royal House

Kim Ha Kyoon as King Jin Pyung
Jung Jae Soon as Dowager Sa Do
Jo Yang Ja as Dowager Man Ho
Im Nan Hyung as Queen Ma Ya
Lee Si Won as Princess Bo Ryang
Jang Min Kyo as Military Commander Bo Ro

Kim Choon Cho’s family

Jung Dong Hwan as Kim Yong Choon
Jo Kyung Sook as Princess Chun Myung
Choo So Young as Princess Bo Ra
Lina as Queen Munmyeong
Min Ji Ah as Bo Hee

Kim Yoo Shin’s family

Choi Il Hwa as Kim Seo Hyun
Kim Ye Ryung as Mrs. Man Myung (Yoo Shin’s mother)
Kim Hyun Sook as Mrs. Jae Mae

Silla Noble Politicians

Im Hyuk as Al Chun
Lee Woo Suk as Eul Je
Suh In Suk as Suk Eul Jong
Yang Jae Sung as Im Jong
Hong Il Kwon as King Jin Pyung’s brother
Lee Il Jae as Ho Rim
Bae Do Hwan as Yeom Jang
Park Chil Yong as Kim Hoo Jin
Baek Jae Jin as Man Choon

Silla’s renaissance Protagonist

Park Jae Woong as Kim Heum Soon
Kim Hyuk as Geom Gun

Other people

Lee Dae Ro as Judiciary Won Kwang

Gwi Moon Dan

Jang Dong Jik as Bi Hyung
Kim Kyung Ryong as Nan Seung
Lee Jung Yong as Gil Dal
Noh Hyung Jo as On Goon Hae
Lee Se Young as Chun Gwan Nyeo
Kim Jin Yi as Si No
Lee Ah Yi as Cha Bi
Jang Joon Nyung  as Mo Chuk
Maya as Ho Rang
Kim Hyun Jung as Myo Rang


Park Chul Ho as King Moo
Choi Chul Ho as King Uija
Cha Gi Hwa as Gye Roo


Jo Jae Wan as Baek Suk


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