Title: Killer K / Sonyeo K / Girl K
Genre: Action, thriller
Episodes: 3
Production Company: CJ E&M Pictures
Director: Kim Jong Hyun
Broadcast network: CGV, every Saturday 24:00
Broadcast period: 2011-Aug-27 to 2011-Sep-10

Cha Yeon Jin is a high school girl whose outwardly normal existence and reticent character masks her true identity: she is a professional assassin who is seeking vengeance for her mother after watching her killed in front of her eyes. She infiltrates SS1, the secret organization that her mother was connected to, by becoming one of their killers, all the while trying to track down her mother’s murderer.

Character Description

Cha Yeon Jin , a young girl assassin
Rude and brave girl who scares nothing. She lost her mother after involving in a  gun-shot-drug dealing. Moreover, she is framed as a terrorist.
After her mother, whom she does not have chance to express her love is die, Yeon Jin becomes a secret assassin of SS1  for the revenge of her mother.

Yoo Sung Ho , Yeon Jin’s sidekick
He used to be a skillful agent for SS1. But, he run away from organization to save his lover, In Sook. After that, he was in hiding with In Sook while running a seafood restaurant.
He disappeared again after losing In Sook and Yeonjin. He started  revenge against SS1 after he met again with Yeon Jin.

Chief Min Ji Young, Killer trainer
She used to be a subordinate of Yoo Sung Ho, and substantial leader of SS1. She also the right hand of Kwon Do Hwan. She has pretty face but complete with martial art skill. She trains new agent in SS1 including  Yeonjin to be a  best killer.

Go Young Min , Yeon Jin’s Friend
A popular boy in school, handsome and full of manner. He likes Yeon Jin and taking care of her.  He happens to see  Yeon Jin’s killing spot but discarded by Chief Min. He is the person who makes Yeon Jin’s humanity to be recovered.

Choi Tae Young, Passionate detective
A detective with special intuition. He traces Jang Se Wook and Kwon Do Hwan after his colleague was killed by them. He worried when he knows that Yeon Jin became an assassin.

Jang Se Wook , Yeon Jin’s enemy
He is as bad as Kwon Do Hwan. He killed In Sook in front of Yeon Jin. But he escaped and hide when he lost trust of Kwon Do Hwan after a failing mission. He appeared in Seoul again to target Kwon Do Hwan but he already became Yeon Jin’s target.

Cha In Sook, Yeon Jin’s mother
She sacrifices everything for Yeon Jin. She used to be a contracted- give-birth-woman for Kwon Dohwan. She run away from organization after she learn   Kwon Dohwan’s evil plot to Yeon Jin. After escaped, she earns living by running a restaurant with Yoo Sung Ho.

Kwon Do Hwan, Chairman of Samyung group
A chaebol who also run SS1. He is suffered a incurable diseases but he tried to cure it using stem -cells. So, he tried to make contract-give-birth woman to deliver a baby. One of them is Yeon Jin. He is an evil who tried to use his own daughter as a device of extracting stem-cell.

Han Groo  as Cha Yeon Jin
Kim Jung Tae as Yoo Sung Ho
Park Hyo Joo as Min Ji Young
Baek Do Bin as Choi Tae Young
Kim Roe Ha as Jang Se Wook
Jun Mi Sun as Cha In Sook
Jun Gook Hwan as Kwon Do Hwan
Kim Dong Joon  as Go Young Min
Bae Noo Ri  as Nal Na Ri

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