Title : K-pop – The Ultimate Audition / The Strongest Kpop Survival
Genre : music , romance
Episode : 14
Chief Producer: Kim Dong Joon
Producer: Jo Yoon Jung
Director: Lee Jung Pyo
Screenwriter: Moon Sun Hee

Broadcast station : Channel A , every Monday & Tuesday 20:50
Broadcast period : 2012-March-19 to 2012-May-1


Kang Woo Hyun is the leader of idol group ‘M2’.

He has killer smile and unique charms outside but inside he is selfish and violent.

Ji Seung Yeon is talented pianist. She’s tomboy and ends up cross-dressing as a male to join all male idol group.


Park Yoo Hwan as Kang Woo Hyun
Go Eun Ah as Ji Seung Yun
Kwak Yong Hwan as Kwon Ji Woo

M2 Junior members
Song Se Hyun as Kim Hyun Seung
Tagoon as Park Ki Bum
Maeng Se Chang as Jang Tae Kwon
Jo Yoon Woo as Han Dong Woo
Jin Hyuk as Yoon Jae Ah
Kevin as Kang Chang Min

Sunny Entertainment
Hong Kyung Min as CEO Jang Hyun Suk
Park Hyo Joo as team leader Han
Lee Sang Joon as Jang Suk
Ali as Teacher Park
Shin Seo Kyung  as Lee Soon Yeon

Other people
Kim Eun Jung as Ri Ah / Oh In Young
Kim Young Ok as Ji Woo’s grandmother
Kan Mi Yun (cameo)


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episode date rating
1 2012/3/19 0.229
2 2012/3/20 0.200
3 2012/3/26
4 2012/3/27 0.314
5 2012/4/2 0.292(0.313)
6 2012/4/3 0.338
7 2012/4/9 0.210
episode date rating
8 2012/4/10 0.459
9 2012/4/16
10 2012/4/17 0.436
11 2012/4/23 0.362
12 2012/4/24
13 2012/4/30 0.415
14end 2012/5/1 0.257
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