Title: Joseon Gunman / The Chosun Shooter / The Joseon Gunman / The Joseon Shooter
Genre: Historical, melodrama, action, romance, suspense
Episodes: 20
Director: Kim Jung Min, Cha Young Hoon
Screenwriter: Lee Jung Woo , Han Hee Jung
Broadcast network: KBS2, every Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
Broadcast period: 2014-Jun-25


In the time of enlightenment, a battle between a sword and a gun has started.
Based in the time of enlightenment of 17th-century Joseon, This drama tells the story of Joseon’s last swordsman named Park Yoon Kang who grabs a gun ditching his sword and grows to become the era’s hero. Park Yoon Kang is the illegitimate son of the best swordsman in Joseon. After his father and sister get killed, he trades sword for gun as he embarks on his revenge mission.
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Character Description

Park Yoonkang

Young swordsman who keeps pride that his father is the No.1 swordsman in Joseon.
He is a son of Park Jinhan, the best guard of King Kojong.


When gun was introduced to Joseon, many of his beloved swordsman died in vain under the power of gun.
With heartbreaking tears, he gave up his beloved sword and holds gun.


Jung Soo In
Her father is an official-governmental-translator (**Foreign language translator who is hired by government. In hierarchal Joseon, governmental-translator is mid-level. Usually, Government official is the highest. Helpers for government official are the second. Merchandisers are the lowest.)


In the society that many things are closed to female, she is lucky to meet new world and new culture.
She sees and dreams it through books that her father presents for her. But, her reality is just like a flower-in-the-room.(=Girl who usually stays at home under the good protection)


But, after she happens to meet unavoidable wave-of-fate, she turns into strong woman who tries to change her current life.


Choi Hyewon
Her father (=Choi Wonsin) is the boss of Peddling-trip-business group.
She is the woman with flammable desire. She has a dignified beauty.
Peddlers are very tough and wild men. But, even without considering her father’s authority, she also has an untouchable charisma and dignity. In her age of 20th, she becomes the mid-boss in the group through her own ability. Then, she becomes the queen of the peddlers and becomes the richest woman in Joseon.


She can buy the world. But, there is one thing that she cannot buy through her money. It is love.
Iron lady, Hyewon, happens to be wrapped in flames-of-love when she meets one man.




Kim Hokyung
Lonely revolutionary.


His father is Prime Minister of Joseon, Kim Byungjae. But, he is a son of concubine. (*** In hierarchical Joseon, high-governmental officer or rich men can own many wives. But, among wives, there were ranks. Concubine’s son was not considered as successor of father. He even cannot call father or half-brother ‘father or brother’. He even has to call them ‘My lord’)
Her mother was a geisha. While he lives in the harsh culture, he happens to meet Hyunam. Through Hyunam, he recognizes new world and new culture. He becomes revolutionary.


But, he continuously suffers between his fate-as-a-revolutionary and father-who-is-a-main-person-of-old culture. In his harsh fate, his sole hideout is Soo In. Hokyung and Soo In dream new world together.


Choi Wonsin
Sniper who has ambition. Secret killer. Boss of Peddling-business-group. Father of Hyewon.
Among wild men group, he has struggled to get high position.
After he was hired by Kim Jayoung (=Powerful politician in Joseon), he assassinated peoples under the order of Kim Jayoung. As a reward, he can become boss of peddlers and get high-level position in Joseon.


There is no heart or pity in the gun. Whenever there is order, he holds gun and snipes at target.




King Kojong
Year 1874, King Kojong started to rule over his dynasty with his hand. <*** His father was not a king. Because former king died without son, Kojong was chosen as a King among King’s cousin’s family. When he was chosen as a new king, he was just a child. Powerful government officials (=Basically, Andong-Kim-Family) did not want a strong grown-up King. They wanted to control dynasty with their hands. But, according to Joseon rule, King has to be King’s blood. So, they chose young blood-of-king’s-cousin as the new King. Though young boy’s biological father was also a king’s blood, he had spent his life as a poor street bum. So, governmental officials (=Andong-Kim-Family) looked down on him, and, thought he could not behave against them. But, once Kojong was chosen as a King, his father slowly took power as a legitimate King’s father. Finally, until Kojong old enough, he decided dynasty’s important things. Then, he becomes dictator in dynasty. Even when Kojong becomes old enough to rule dynasty by himself, the father still want to control Kojong. For Kojong, as he is a biological father, he is a big burden too>


Young King, who just starts to rule the nation, meets many barriers. The palace is still under the control of his father. Old ministers insisted on close-nation against foreign countries. But, young King feels that Joseon is on the periods-of-danger. If Joseon denies new culture, it may collapses soon.
He dreams and tries to revive Joseon.


Han Junghoon
A friend of Yoonkang. Detective (=Policeman) of Left-Police-Station (*** In Joseon, there were 2 Police Station—Left Police Station and Right Police Station).


As a detective, he is skillful. But, he is a disorderly detective who often drinks wine and visits geisha during duty-hour.
And, he is a faithful friend of Yoonkang. Yoonkang is also happy when they enjoy times together.


Moon Ildo
Sincere and faithful lieutenant of Park Jinhan.
He is afraid of new world that gun overwhelms sword.


Younger sister of Yoonkang. Yoonkang has raised her from babyhood instead of their father, who usually has duty in far-from-home, and, their mother, who died early.


But, now, she becomes young lady who often nags at Yoonkang while giving him some lectures.
Though he complains her ill-manner-to-older brother, whenever she gives lecture to him, he cannot complain severely because he loves younger sister very much.


Jung Hoiryung
Soo In’s father. Faithful man and warm father who teaches and introduces new world to daughter (=Soo In).
Hyunam, whom he allows to stay in his house, gives big influence to Soo In.
After Joseon opens nation to the world, he works for palace.


Mrs. Kim
Soo In’s mother. Strict mother who lives with strict traditional law. (***During Joseon dynasty periods, the traditional law was strict to females).
Though she also know that Joseon’s traditional law is too strict for females, it is the world where they have to live in. She urges daughter not to defy current law.


Soo In’s servant. Though she is a servant of Soo In, she is like a real-sister to Soo In.


Master (=**Teacher) of Soo In as well as Head of Revolutionary Party. While he tries to change dynasty with new culture, he is assassinated by doubtful gunman.


Among revolutionary scholars whom King Kojung wanted to work together, he was the only lucky man who did not murdered by gunman.


Kim Byungjae
Hokyung’s father. Prime minister of Joseon. (*** In Joseon, the powerful political group is Andong-Kim-Family. The head of Andong-Kim-Family is Kim Jayoung. Kim Byungjae is also a blood-of-Andong-Kim-Family. The head of family put Byunjae as a prime minister of nation)


Outwardly, he disguises him as a royal servant of King. He behaves like he agrees King’s policy.
But, in behind, he continuously put King in difficult situation.


Kim Jayoung
He is like a cunning-old-fox. He is the head of Andong-Kim-Family. (***During ending periods of Joseon, Joseon’s political power was actually controlled by Andong-Kim-Family even though there was a King. During last periods of Joseon, King is a just name without real political power)


When young King starts his own rule, new King sets up new cabinet. When new cabinet was set up, as Kim Jayoung’s age is old enough, he has to stay away from core-powerful-position. But, he is the Godfather of Andong-Kim-Family.
He is the main man who wants to stick to old culture. When King wants revolution of society, Jayoung sets up secret-group to protect old culture. He hires gunmen and assassinates revolutionaries.


One more hidden gunman of Choi Wonsin that the world does not know yet.
He always accompanies and guards Choi Wonsin like a shadow.

Main Cast

Lee Joon Ki as Park Yoon Kang / Hanjo
Seo Dong Hyun as young Yoon Kang
Nam Sang Mi as Jung Soo In
Jun Hye Bin as Choi Hye Won
Han Joo Wan as Kim Ho Kyung
Yoo Oh Sung as Choi Won Shin

People around Park Yoon Kang
Lee Dong Hwi  as Han Jung Hoon
Choi Jae Sung as Park Jin Han
Choi Chul Ho as Moon Il Do
Kim Hyun Soo as Yun Ha
Choi Jae Hwan as Sang Choo
Otani Ryohei as Kanemaru
Kim Ga Eun as Je Mi
Kim Eung Soo as Yamamoto
Suh Dong Won as Gunpowder Technician
Choi Ji Na as Yoon Kang’s mother

People aroud Jung Soo In
Uhm Hyo Sup as Jung Hwe Ryung
Kim Ye Ryung as Lady Kim
Ahn Ji Hyun as Jan Yi
Nam Myung Ryul as Hyun Am
Kim Jung Hak as Oh Kyung

People around Kim Ho Kyung
Ahn Suk Hwan as Kim Byung Je

People around Choi Won Shin
Choi Jong Won as Kim Jwa Young
Kang Sung Jin as Kim Moo Duk
Park Jae Min as Jong Tae
Jin Sung as Sung Gil
Jung Geun as Son Taek Soo
Choi Ji Ho as murderer

Other people
Lee Min Woo as Emperor Go Jong
Yoon Hee Suk as Kim Ok Kyun
Ha Ji Eun as Empress Min, later Empress Myung Sung
Yoon Seung Won as Heungseon Daewongun
Oh Min Suk as Min Young Ik
Son Se Bin as Myung Wol
Kenichi Yoshimura as Hasegawa Hanjo
Ji Seung Hyun as Park Young Hyo
Yum Dong Hun
Jung Dong Gyu
Kim Kyung Ryong
Lee Woong Hee
Ha Soo Ho
Lee Yoon Sang
Jin Young Bum
Kim Tae Kyum

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