Title:  Jejoongwon / House Of Universal Helpfulness
Genre: Medical, Historical
Director: Hong Chang Wook
Screenwriter: Lee Ki Won
Episodes: 36
Broadcast Network: SBS , Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-04


This drama will be “a new style historical drama” centered around  the hospital of the Chosun dynasty.

“Jejungwon” is the hospital which American missionary named Allen established on April 1885. It was the first western style hospital in Korea. “Jejungwon” was the space where western medical science, such as surgery, was provided to Korean. It started to educate young Koreans about medical science from March 1886. This education came to success when first 7 graduated turned out to be doctor. Those 7 young Korean were received first western doctor license in Korea.

Out of the alumnus, Park Seo Yang was taken as a model of main character, “Hwang Jung”

Character Description


Hwang Jung / So Geun Gae (Park Yong Woo)

Chosun’s first surgical doctor , born of a butcher.
He attempted to give hope to people through the art of healing during the chaotic period.
Born of a butcher, his name was ‘So Geun Gae’ which means ‘a dog that weighs little’. In other words, it means, son of dog. He transformed from the ‘butcher’s little dog’ who carried on with life believing that killing cows is divine, into the ‘noble student Hwang Jung’ due to the relationship with his long rival ‘Baek Do Yang’.

While trying to earn his mother’s medical bill, he became involved in a case. He was assisting an autopsy experiment, which is illegal, of Baek Do Yang, son of a high official. As the case grew, So Gen Gae ran away carrying an identity tag that explained him as the ‘noble student Hwang Jung’. While escaping, he got shot by a gun. Then Yoo Suk Ran, Baek Do Yang’s beloved, saved him knowing he is Hwang Jung, son of high official.

With Suk Ran’s help Hwang Jung gets a surgery from Doctor Allan, and through this he becomes a doctor in Jae Jung Won, the first western surgical hospital in Chosun. He dreams of helping those like his mom who are unable to get medical treatment because of social position and poverty. However this indicates that he is in danger of exposure of real identity, and also that he will be in endless competition with Baek Do Yang.

With his love for Suk Ran and passion for medical science, he overcomes all kinds of adversities in Jae Jung Won. And in the future he chooses to become a medical soldier while Chosun fights for independence.

Hwang Jung, who overcomes despair and attempted to give hope to other people through medical science in the midst chaos! He is obviously a true forerunner of Chosun medical science.


Baek Do Yang (Yeon Jung Hoon)
A high official of Chosun who is shaken by the title of ‘second class, second greatest’.
The period of chaos dropped his social position,
Nonetheless, he was able to put on a bigger wing of Medical Science instead of dropped social position. He was born as a son of a high official in Chosun and grew up to be a confucian scholar in Sung Gyoon Gwan, Chosun’s university. He lived a life that everyone wanted. However as he became interested in western medical science, his safe and secure life was totally rattled.
He was expelled from Sung Gyoon Gwan because of his interest in western medical science books, and his interest in opening society created a conflict with his father who was a conservative. As a child his mother was driven out of the house because she was studying western literature, and his father died in civil war. The one person who stayed by his side was Yoo SUk Ran, and believed that she will stay with him forever. However she started wavering. So he gave up studying abroad and decided to become an herb doctor in Jae Jung Won. This hints that he will have an inevitable conflict with the genius, Hwang Jung.
Baek Do Yang, who was born rich and smart, was always the greatest wherever he went. However in front of Hwang Jung, he was always second in means of medical science and love. Such disappointment leads him into becoming a cat’s paw of Japan’s colonial medical policy; however he realizes his big mistake and comes back to Jae Jung Won. There he puts on the wing of medical science and grows by himself.


Yoo Suk Ran (Han Hae Jin)

A woman who overcame the pattern of Chosun Women, who could not choose love or life.
Woman who threw away her own yoke herself, then made up her own life.
A new type women of the opening period of chosun..

Due to his father who was an international trade merchant, she experienced various western civilization as she grew up. She grew up with a burning passion of a bigger world, but as the passion grew, the reality of Chosun brought her frustration. The only person who understood such frustration was Bae Do Yang.

It has been 10 years since Yoo Suk Ran, a middle class women, knew the upper class Baek Do Yang. Suk Ran grew naturally in midst of marriage talks between her and Do Yang. However, her life is rattled as Hwang Jung appears in her life. Hwang Jung’s passion and talents attract her. The wavering between Hwang Jung (who hid his true identity), and Do Yang (who was around her for a long time) makes her even stronger person.

With her English skills she helps translation of Allan, the director of Jae Jung Won. As she helps Chosun women who refuses medical diagnosis she feels the need of women doctors and becomes a gynecologist in Jae Jung Won.

Yoo Suk Ran, who chose to control her own life waiving yoke of chosun woman who can not choose love and life herself, is real new type woman in the opening period of chosun.


Allen / Sean Richard
The first director of Jae Jung Won, he came from America as a medical missionary. He loved Chosun so much that he named himself the Chosun name, Anryun. He saves Min Yong Ik, who is minister of government, during a war and earns the trust of GoJong, Chosun king. Through such support, he opened up Jae Jung Won, the first western style hospital, in Chosun.
He met Hwang Jung by chance and found a medical talent in him, and supported him to become a doctor. He tried to show love and peace to the people of Chosun through medical service. As the first director of Jae Jung Won, he faced many adversities against Japan and saved Jae Jung Won. However later he became involved in politics more than missionary work . So, the friction between him and Heron, the second director of Jae Jung Won, grew. Consequently, he leaves Jae Jung Won.

Mi Ryung (Kim Tae Hee)
One of the 5 helper sent by king to help female patient by the request of Allen. She had escaped from Jejungwon, but, she born again as a nurse after  Hwang Jung saved her life.


Yoo Hee Seo (Father of Suk Ran – Kim Kab Soo)
Professional diplomat and international trader, he established good relationship with Park Do Yang through buying western science book for him. He also help Hwang Jung as he saw his talent.


Baek Tae Hyun (Father of Do Yang, The minister of justice, Seo In Suk)
Negative person about western science, he extremely opposed to his son Do Yang as his son want to become a western style doctor.


Hwang Jung Boo (Butcher – Jang Hang Sun)
After his wife die, the relationship with Hwang Jung was cracked.  He changed much when he saw the progress which Hwang Jung grow up as a excellent doctor.

Main Cast

Park Yong Woo as Hwang Jung
Cha Jae Dol as young Hwang Jung
Han Hye Jin as Yoo Seok Ran
Yeon Jung Hoon as Baek Do Yang
Sean Richard as Doctor Allen
Kang Nam Gil as Watanabe
Jang Hyun Sung as Min Young Ik
Yoo Tae Woong as Kim Ok Gyun
Kim Seung Wook as Hong Young Shik
Jang Hang Sun as Hwang Jung Byu
Cha Hwa Yun as Hwang Jung Mo
Jung Suk Yong as Lee Kwak (Jak Dae)
Suh In Suk as Baek Tae Hyun
Lee Hyo Jung as Baek Kyu Hyun
Kwon Hae Hyo as Oh Chung Hwan
Yoon Gi Won as Yoon Je Wook
Won Ki Joon as Jung Po Gyo
Kim Gab Soo as Doctor Yoo (Seok Ran’s father)
Geum Bo Ra as Seok Ran Mo
Seo Hye Rin  as Kim Mak Saeng
Kim Gyu Jin  as Chil Bok
Ricky Lee Neely as He Ron
Do Ki Suk as Mong Chong
Yoo Hye Jung as Park So Sa
Kim Tae Hee as Mi Ryung
Shin Ji Soo as Nang Rang
Song Young Gyu as Go Jang Geun
Choi Jong Hwan as Emperor Gojong
Seo Yi Sook as Empress Myeongseong
Jung Kyu Soo as Japanese minister
Lee Sang Yoon as Ji Seok Young
Ki Tae Young as Jwa Ui Jung’s son (ep22)
Kim Ho Chang as Ui Saeng
Yoon Seo Hyun

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credit : Nate, baidu

Rating by TNS Media

Episode 1  2009/12/4–14.9
Episode 2  2009/12/5–15.8

Episode 3  2009/12/11–12.5
Episode 4  2009/12/12–14.4

Episode 5 2010/1/18–14.5
Episode 6 2010/1/19–15.5

Episode 7 2010/1/25–13.7
Episode 8 2010/1/26–14.0

Episode 9 2010/2/1–15.2
Episode 10 2010/2/2–15.8

Episode 11 2010/2/8–13.5
Episode 12 2010/2/9–13.9

Episode 13 2010/2/15–12.1
Episode 14 2010/2/16–14.9

Episode 15 2010/2/22–13.2
Episode 16 2010/2/23–14.3

Episode 17 2010/3/1–13.3
Episode 18 2010/3/2–14.4

Episode 19 2010/3/8–12.9
Episode 20 2010/3/9–13.4

Episode 21 2010/3/15–15.8
Episode 22 2010/3/16–17.3

Episode 23 2010/3/22–13.2
Episode 24 2010/3/23–15.3

Episode 25 2010/3/29–14.6
Episode 26 2010/3/30–13.8

Episode 27 2010/4/5–13.3
Episode 28 2010/4/6–12.6

Episode 29 2010/4/12–10.8
Episode 30 2010/4/13–11.8

Episode 31 2010/4/19–11.9
Episode 32 2010/4/20–10.7

Episode 33 2010/4/26–9.6
Episode 34 2010/4/27–8.4

Episode 35 2010/5/3–8.8
Episode 36 2010/5/4–10.2

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