into the flames korean drama

Title: Into the Flames
Genre: Historical, Family, Romance
Episodes: 20
Director: Kim Sang Rae
Screenwriter: Jung Sung Hee, Lee Han Ho
Broadcast network: CSTV, every Friday & Saturday 23:00
Broadcast period: 2014-Apr-25


Korea was one of the poorest nation when World War II and Korean War was over.
During the President Park Junghee’s times, there was the plan to re-build nation after war.
To re-start Korea, Steel was the very important resource.
There was a plan to build global-size steel company. The company’s current name is Posco.

During the process of building Posco, some peoples experienced destiny of being enemy.
This drama will tell their flammable fighting and love.

Character Description

Park Taehyung

“If I can build a Steel Company, I am willing to give up anything for it”
Following destiny of big man, he put himself on the righteousness without negotiating with the world.

Shin Daechul

He is a cool broad-minded man. He is a type of man who can sacrifice himself for friend.
But, as a purpose of protecting his lover, Kumiko, he happens to put Taehyung in risk.


Though she had once fell in love with Taehyung, Taehyung left her.
Since then, she kept hatred-together-with-love in her heart against Taehyung.
Together with Daechul, she happens to stand an opposite-position against Taehyung.

Choi Jongho

He is the most obstacle in Taehyung’s way. To destroy Taehyung, he holds hands with Allen to kill president..

Jang Oksun

She is a smart wise woman. She had ever worked in orphanage. When Taehyung builds huge steel company, the orphanage must be moved. Both of them met at that moment. Finally, they become husband and wife.

President of Korea

Strong man who dedicated himself to rebuild country. He ordered Taehyung to build global-size steel company. Then, whenever Taehyung faces difficulties, he becomes the most helpful guardian.

Main Cast

Choi Soo Jong as Park Tae Hyung
– Kim Kwon as Tae Hyung (young)
Ryu Jin as Shin Dae Chul
Yoon Hong Bin as Dae Chul (young)
Son Tae Young as Kumiko
Kim Ye Won as Kumiko (young)
Choi Chul Ho as Choi Jong Ho
Lee In Hye as Jang Ok Sun
Dok Go Young Jae as the President
Jung Ho Bin as Alan Kissinger

Yeongil Bay Steel Mill

Hong Il Kwon as Hwang Joon Suk
Park Sang Myun as Park Jong Yul
Lee Ki Chan as Ahn Seung Joo
Kim Jin Geun as Kim Byung Hoon
Lee Won Seok as Yeon Bong Chool
Gong Jung Hwan as Jung Sang Ho
Lee Jong Soo as Kim Sang Chul
Lee Jung Yong as Choi Dal Ho
Choi Kyu Hwan as Chae Ki Joo

Shinsekai Trading Company

Lee Chul Min as Takeda
Kim Hyun Joon as Takeda (young)
Go Myung Hwan as Abe
– Kim Min Ho as Abe (young)


Lee Young Hoo as Yasuoka
Jun Soo Kyung as Yang Hwa Ja
Cho Young Seo as Mrs. Seoul
Hyun Suk as Tae Hyung’s father
Kim Min Kyung as Tae Hyung’s mother
Park Yong Soo as Kohei
Jung Myung Hwan as Yamamoto

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