Title: Incarnation of Money / Money Incarnation / Money Demons / The Embodiment of Money
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 24
Director: Yoo In Sik
Screenwriter: Jang Young Chul (Giant, History of Salaryman), Jung Kyung Soon (New Heart, Thorn Birds)
Broadcast network: SBS, every Saturday & Sunday 21:50
Broadcast period: 2013-Feb-02 to 2013-April-21


A drama based on law about money, love and passion.

Character Description

Lee Chadon
Early 30s. Prosecutor in Seoul Office.
15 years ago, his father, a real estate conglomerate in Myungdong, told him : ‘no need to study, just makes friends with smart men, you can buy their ability with my money’.
Because of his father, who always cleaned his trouble with money, Lee Cha Don never afraid of anything.

But then, his father was assassinated by mysterious people and his mother was accused as the killer. His mother was jailed.
Suddenly, Lee Cha Don was all alone without parents and money and faced the bitter world

Ji Sekwang

Mid 40s. Section-Chief prosecutor in Seoul Office.

His father was the private driver of Chairman Lee Joong Man, the real estate conglomerate in Myungdong.
When Chairman Lee killed a man in a car  accident because of drunk driving, his father took the blame and went to the jail instead of Chairman Lee.
His father died in jail because of sickness.

At first, Ji Se Kwang thought that Chairman Lee was his guardian and his savior but after he knew the truth that Chairman Lee’s kindness was just a reward of his father’s sacrifice, he was angry and killed him. He then put the blame to Chairman Lee’s wife.

After he becomes prosecutor, he hunts big politician or Mafia. Soon, he becomes the star-prosecutor because of his braveness.

Bok Jae In

Early 30th. Successor of Deposit-Bank.

She grew up with her mother, a  private moneylender, who knows nothing but money.
She solved stress with eating. With fat body, thick eyeglass, she did not have any hopes.
She was bulled by her friends in school. When her personality became twisted, she happened to meet Lee Chadon, who was hit by her mother’s car.

Chadon, who recovered from huge medical operation and started to live in her house, is a  gift for Jain,  a girl who find peace in eating food.

Jeon Ji Hoo

Late 20s. Female prosecutor in Seoul office.
She dedicates her life to be a great prosecutor and she’s a famous figure in prosecutor office

Eun Bi Ryung

Late 30s. Former actress and now is businesswoman.

When she was a nameless actress, she met Chairman Lee and became his secret mistress.
When Chairman Lee was killed, she inherited his big fortune with the help of Se Kwang’s plot.
Since then, she adored Se Kwang with all her heart and tries to win Se Kwang’s love.

Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Cha Don
Park Ji Bin as Lee Cha Don (young)
Hwang Jung Eum as Bok Jae In
Park Sang Min as Ji Se Kwang
Oh Yoon Ah as Eun Bi Ryung
Choi Yeo Jin as Jeon Ji Hoo
Kim Soo Mi
Yoon Yong Hyun as Kim Pal Do
Joo Hyun
Park Soon Chun
Son Byung Ho
Jung Eun Pyo
Lee Ki Young
Lee Seung Hyung
Lee Byung Joon

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