Title : Immortal Classic
Genre : drama, culinary
Episode : 20
Director : Jang Hyung Il , Kim Sang rae
Scriptwriter : Kim Sin Hye
Broadcast station : Channel A
Broadcast period : 2012-March-17 to 2012-May-20


A kimchi-themed drama where two families battle for pride and prestige in a cooking competition. One family runs a restaurant, while the other contains a line of respected chefs.

Character Description

Kim Sung Joon

The 24th descendants of the best clan in Korea : Daehan Kim clan.
He’s a neurosurgery specialist.

As the only successor of Yukyung Medical Foundation, he seems arrogant and cold. But he has big burden to keep his family name. And now a girl jumps into his life and shook his heart. Can he keep the honorable dignity of his family and love her ?

Kim Hyung Myung

23rd descendants of the best clan in Korea : Daehan Kim clan.
KIm Sung Joon’s father.
He’s the chairman of Yukyung Medical Foundation.

At first he’s disagree with  the marriage plan of his son  (Sung Joon) and Young Joo. Soon, he recognizes Young Joo’s heart and opens his mind. One day, he falls in shock when he finds out the reason of the father’s death.

Park Kye Hyang

22th daughter-in-law of Daehan Kim clan. Sung Joon’s mother.

Before she married to the son of famous clan in Korea, she already had one daughter. On the day she joined the clan, she made three promises to her mother-in-law. Can she keep those promises ? Where’s her hidden daughter ?

Hwang Geum Hee

She’s an oriental medicine doctor

When she’s young she just wanted to be a chef, but because of her sick father and to fulfill her mother’s hope, she becomes an oriental medicine doctor. She faces the biggest jeopardy in her life with the endless happenings and intertwined ties.

Will the luck finally arrive for her ?

Hwang Young Chul

He’s the father of Hwang Geum Hee, he’s frequently in sickness and he’s also the owner of ‘third generation stall’

He has lovely wife, Sanhye , and lovely daughter, Geum Hee. But because of his troubled son Geum Ho, his health became worse.

Kang San Hye

Hwang Geum Hee’s mother

She has a childhood secret.  Since she married to the son of ‘third generation stall’, she treated customer with all her heart. She has a good cooking skill which makes her stall crowded.

Seo Young Joo

Vice-chief of Korean Traditional Food Research Institute / Reseach Chief of Hansol Food Company.

Behind her kind and pure face, she has a poisonous ambition. She’s the former lover of Sung Jun and left him just because she wanted to be the daughter-in-law of a chaebol.

When her plan didn’t work, she returns to Sung Jun , but that man already looked at another girl.

Seo Don Man

Seo Young Joo’s father, the third richest man in Korea.

He will do everything for his beloved daughter, Young Joo, includes tricky things.

Oh Kun Woo

The head of Yukyung Medical Foundation – oriental medicine hospital

He loves Geum Hee but afraid to show his feeling.

And one day, the capable person Sung Jun tries to take away Geum Hee from him.

Will he win Geum Hee’s heart ? Can he win over Sung Joon ?

Choi Jin Mi

CEO of Chansol Food Company

Her ambition is to be the number 1 food company in the world by exporting kimchi and Korean traditional food.

She thinks that if she can marry Hyun Myung, then her life will be easy.


Park Sun Young as Hwang Geum Hee
Han Jae Suk as Kim Seong Joon
Im Ye Jin as Kang San Hae
Kim Byung Gi as Seo Don Man
Go Doo Shim as Park Gye Hyang
Lee Ha Nui as Seo Yeong Joo

Choi Jong Hwan as Kim Hyeon Myeong
Kim Sun Kyung as Choi Jin Mi
Baek Yoon Shik as Hwang Yeong Cheol
Shin Seung Hwan as Hwang Geum Ho
Yeo Hee Goo as Hwang Bo Ram
Alexander as Alexander

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