Title: I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon / Moon and Stars For You
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 100+
Director: Jeon Sung Hong
Scriptwriter: Hong Young Hee
Broadcast network: KBS1, every Monday to Friday 20:25
Broadcast period: 2012-May-07

A family is broken by conflicts. Soon they will realize that only family can guard them during difficulties

Character Description

Seo Jin Woo
Doctor in elderly nursing home. He lost his older brother by accident when he was a  child. His father has always told him that his brother was better than him

Han Cha Won
Work at Hanmidang food institute. Warm and fresh personality.

Han Min Hyuk
Marketing director of ‘Hanmidang’. Handsome and  charismatic. The only son of Hanmidang’s chairman.

Cha Kyung Joo
A smart and ambitious staff of Hanmidang

Seo Man Ho
Jin Woo’s father. A very stubborn man. Former marine sergeant.

Kang Pil Soon
Seo Man Ho’s mother. Loyal grandmother, but, overwhelms other people with keen old proverb.

Seo Jin Goo
Seo Man Ho’s second son. He runs interior business with his father. Inpatient personality.

Park Na Rae
Jin Goo’s wife. She helps her husband to solve work problems

Seo Jin Hee
Seo Man Ho’s daughter. She’s the only person who can persuade her father

Seo Ji Na
Daughter of Jin Goo and Na Rae.

Han Jeong Hoon
Cha Won’s father . The president of ‘Hanmidang’ . He’s good at business, a great father.

Oh Yeong Seon
Mother of Cha Won. Looks soft outside, but, strong inside.

Oh Yeong Taek.
Yeong Seon’s younger brother. Jung Hoon’s secretary. Royal to his brother-in-law and follows sister’s request very well.

Ko Mi Ja
Mother of Kyung Joo. Beauty planner. After her husband passed away, she raised daughter, Kyung Joo, with hard work.

Jo Dong Hyuk as Seo Jin Woo
Seo Ji Hye as Han Chae Won
Go Se Won as Han Min Hyuk
Moon Bo Ryung as Cha Gyung Joo
Kim Young Chul as Seo Man Ho
Ban Hyo Jung as Kang Pil Soon
Kim Dong Yoon as Seo Jin Goo
Im Ji Eun as Park Na Rae
Lee Hyo Jung as Han Jeong Hoon
Lee Hye Sook as Oh Yeong Seon
Hong Il Kwon as Oh Yeong Taek
Moon Hee Kyung as Go Mi Ja
Hae Geum as Seo Jin Hee

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