i need romance 3

Title: I Need Romance 3
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Director: Jang Young Woo
Screenwriter: Jung Hyun Jung
Broadcast network: tvN, every Monday & Tuesday 21:40
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-13 to 2014-March-04


This drama is about a 33-year-old woman who doesn’t believe in love, a 20?s man who dreams of pure love and a 30?s man who is that woman’s boss at work.

Character Description

Shin Joo Yun

32 years old
The team leader of fashion department of a home shopping network.
She was pure and warm in her early twenties but after 9 years of competitive working, she’s a tough and cold woman in workplace.
She doesn’t believe in love anymore after her failed romance.
For her now, friendship between her and her girlfriends is more important than a romance with a man.

Joo Wan

26 years old.
He is prideful man who afraid nothing. He’s a free spirited man who doesn’t hesitate to give up on something to get another big thing.

He believes in love. He believes that there is something beautiful between people more than ‘Calculating’ or ‘Egoism’.

His mother and Shin Joo Yun’s mother were best friend, and Shin Joo Yun’s mother raised him since he was a baby.
When Shin Joo Yun was a young girl , she also helped taking care of him, changing his diaper and playing with him.

In Shin Joo Yun’s memory, he just a baby whom she took him to bath.?But for Joo Wan, Shin Joo Yun is his ‘world’, she’s everything for him.

He has talent for music. When he was 9, he moved to United States, and since young age, he uploaded his music in the internet. In just 2 years, his music became popular and he got a recording contract from a big recording company.

He has a chance to visit Korea. It is 17 years after he left Korea. Now, he can meet ‘the thing’ after 17 years departed. “We can live together from now on”.

He has been curious and missed the girl in his picture-diary of his babyhood. The girl’s name in his picture diary is ‘Thing, thing’.
In his picture-diary, she took him bath, she taught him how to calculate, she taught him how to wear shoes, and she played soccer or guitar with him. He is curious and misses the girl-in-his-picture-diary!!!

Kang Tae Yoon

36 years old
He’s Shin Joo Yun’s sunbae and mentor.
He’s workaholic and perfectionist man and will do everything for success.
He’s a romantic man but he doesn’t really believe in love.

Oh Se Ryung

32 years old
A former model, now she’s celebrity’s stylist.
She’s Shin Joo Yun’s friend but also her rival in the workplace.
She’s really love Kang Tae Yoon.

Main Cast
Kim So Yeon as Shin Joo Yun
Sung Joon as Joo Wan
Nam Goong Min as Kang Tae Yoon
Wang Ji Won as Oh Se Ryung
Park Hyo Joo as Lee Min Jung
Park Yoo Hwan as Lee Woo Young
Yoon Seung Ah as Jung Hee Jae
Jung Woo Shik as Han Ji Seung
Yoo Ha Joon as Lee Min Jung’s boyfriend
Alex (cameo)
Joo Sang Wook (cameo)

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