Title :  I Love You,Don’t Cry

Director : Kim Sa Hyun

Writer : Park Jung Ran

Episode : 132

Aired : November 17, 2008  to 2009-May-22

Broadcast network : MBC



Han Young Min (Lee Jung Jin) and Min Seo Young (Oh Seung Hyun) were engaged to be married; however, Young Min’s ex, Jae Hee (Kim Yoo Mi), dumped their son, Jun, on him. Seo Young broke up with Young Min afterwards because Young Min refused to send his son back to his mother. Jo Mi Soo (Lee Yoo Ri) befriends Young Min and helps Young Min adjust to his new life with his son. Young Min and Mi Soo soon realize their feelings for each other and plan to marry. However, obstacles stand in their way before they can do so.

Main Cast :

Lee Yu Ri as Jo Mi Soo

Lee Jung Jin as Han Young Min

Lee Sang Yoon as Jang Hyun Woo

Oh Seung Hyun as Min Seo Young


Supporting Cast :Kim Min Sook as Moon Soo Ja (Mi Soo’s mother)

Kim Young Jae as jo Tae Sup (Mi Soo’s older brother)

Lee Ah Hyun as Jo Mi Sun (Mi Soo’s older sister)

Lee Soon Jae as Young Min’s grandfather

Kang Boo Ja as Han Young Ok (Young Min’s aunt)

Kim Yoo Mi as jae Hee (Jun’s mother / Young Min’s ex girlfriend)


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