Title: I Love Italy / I Love Lee Tae Ri
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Director: Kim Do Hyuk
Writer: Moon Ji Young (Style)
Broadcast network: tvN, Monday & Tuesday 23:00
Broadcast period: 2012-May-28

A 14 years old student Hwang Min Soo turns into a 25 years old man after an incident overnight. He then becomes an assistant to rich girl Lee Tae Ri.

Lee Tae Ri is an heiress from a chaebol family. She seems perfect, with an attractive appearance and a great educational background. But after being hurt by her first love, she doesn’t believe in love anymore. Her family is also jealous of her and Lee Tae Ri now seems cold from a distance. After Hwang Min Soo appears, Lee Tae Ri begins to have feelings with him…

Character Description


Lee Tae Ri
27 years old
Arrogance, beautiful, smart. The heiress of deeding group.
‘Do it yourself, Life must be made by yourself. Love is an adventure. Don’t lean on me. I don’t believe in man’.

She lost her parents in young age. Choi Seung Jae was her first love but he left her suddenly without a word.
Because of the pain of first love, she can’t believe love and can’t lean to anybody.

Hwang Min Soo

14-year-old boy who changes into 25-year-old man overnight.

He has cute and pureness of 14-year-old boy but also 25-year-old hot body. he’s the dream of all women.
He makes Lee Tae Ri deeply touched with his sincerity.

Choi Seung Jae
30 years old
Tae Ri’s first love.
He’s youngest managing director and the best brain in Daedong group.

Ambitious man who willing to sell his soul to get what he wants. He dreams to rekindle romance with Lee Tae Ri again but then Hwang Min So shows up.

Ha Soon Sim
20 years old
The leader of a girl group.
She worked in entertainment business since young age and used to receive lots of attention from men. Thus, she knows to take advantage from it.

She ‘s engaged  because of family decision but she’s in affair with Seung Jae.

Kim Ki Bum as Hwang Min Soo
Park Ye Jin as Lee Tae Ri
Yang Jin Woo as Choi Seung Jae
Jubi as Ha Soon Sim
Im Ho as Geum San
Soy as Na Hong Sil
Woo Sang Jeon as Hwang Min Gook
Kim Yong Hoon as Head of a department Moon
Jang Young Nam as Oh Mi Ja
Lee Moon soo as College graduate Geum
Jeon Yang Ja as Baek Soo Bok
Choi Duk Moon as Tae Ri’s younger uncle

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