Title : I Do, I Do
Genre : romance
Episode : 16 (TBA)
Director : Kang Dae Sun
Scriptwriter : Jo Jung Hwa
Broadcast station : MBC, every Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast time : 2012-May-30

A mature 30 something woman in the height of her career as a shoe designer gets knocked up by her colleague, a younger male , out of nowhere new employee in the company. The one night stand resulted in her pregnancy.

Character Description

Hwang Ji An
Late 30s
Director in shoe company
Her preferred color is the bold one. And red is her favorite.
She prefer the primary color rather than the pastel tone. She likes hot or cold, not warm. She likes square or round, not the oval.
Straight talking type woman with propelling power and high tone voice when nervous.

Since she was a child, she fell in love with shoes. Even though she wears a training cloth with no make-up, she likes to wear pretty shoes.
No wonder that she picked a shoe company right father she graduated. She worked hard and became a director.
But suddenly, she meets her biggest crisis when she makes a one night mistake.

Park Tae Kang
Late 20s
Fake shoe maker, new designer in shoe company
He dreams to be a rich man who has 20 stories building in Gangnam and lives happily with his father and doing good by renting the building to poor people with half rent price.
But, in reality, he’s a fake shoe maker without school degree.  He’s always ready to run away whenever police raids.

Luckily, he gets a chance to join a big shoe company as designer and he starts to survive working with educated people.
Then, he gets caught by the wild Ji An.

Yum Na Ri
Late 20s
New Vice president in shoe company
She’s youngest daughter of the owner of Hanyoung apparel company and graduated with top score.
She has everything, successful career, beauty and perfect family background, but she had lived in despair because she’s a daughter of a mistress.
Although her heart is soft but she performs cold appearance and arrogant eye.
She’s an iron lady. She gets trust from the chairman and becomes candidate of chairman’s successor.
Then she becomes Ji An’s rival and tries to get rid of her.

Jo Eun Sung
Late 30s
Well-known gynecologist and attractive single man.
He’s born in doctor family and forced to be a doctor as well.
He’s in his late 30s but his lifestyle is like man in 20s.
He wants to have a romance but he’s afraid of commitment then he chooses to be a single man.
Then he meets again with former lover Ji An.

Kim Sun Ah as Hwang Ji An
Lee Jang Woo as Park Tae Kang
Park Gun Hyung as Jo Eun Sung
Im Soo Hyang as Yum Na Ri

Shin Seung Hwan as Lee Choong Baek
Park Young Kyu
Yoon Joo Sang
Kim Hye Eun
Lee Dae Yun

Official Site

Trailer  1 (English sub)

Teaser 2

7 minutes highlight

Behind the scene


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  • Lee Jang Woo lost 7 kgs (15 pounds) for his role in I Do, I Do
  • Before Lee Jang Woo confirmed to join , CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa was rumored as the leading man
  • I Do, I Do based on the original story which won a prize in 2010 for the New Story  Creation Project held by Korean Creative Content Agency

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