Title: Hooray For Love/ Aejungmanmanse / Long Live Love / The Woman Who Never Loses
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 57
Director: Joo Sung Woo (Golden Fish)
Screenwriter: Park Hyun Joo (Golden Bride)
Broadcast network: MBC, every Saturday & Sunday 21:45
Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-16  to 2012-Jan-29


The drama is about the success story of a woman named Jae-mi (Lee Bo Young) who divorces her loser husband (Jin Yi Han) and finds new love with the lawyer hired to invalidate their divorce 

Character Description

Kang Jae-mi

She tries to be a perfectionist and believes she’s as smart as hell but she’s far from being the sharpest tool in the shed. Ten years ago her dad, whom she admired so much, had an affair and divorced her mother. The betrayal of her father had a profound effect on her relationships with men. So she ends up marrying Han Jung-soo who isn’t a great match for her. But with her help, their porridge restaurant becomes a big success. After delaying having a child due to their restaurant business, she finally decides the time is right to conceive a child. In the sixth year of their marriage, Jae-mi goes to a fertility clinic with her husband so that she can take a fertility test. Her husband surprises her with three plane tickets for her, her mother and aunt as a wedding anniversary present… She wasn’t aware that the trip to the tropical island was part of her husband’s plan to divorce her

Byun Dong-woo

He is a Casanova who welcomes all women and makes sure that all the women he breaks up will continue liking him. He has chiseled looks and his family has money. He’s athletic and an accomplished pianist. With his good looks, he is committed to living as a bachelor while living off of his allowance that he gets from his mother who runs a successful hairdressing business. Enjoying a carefree life, he goes on a trip to a tropical island with his mother where he meets a woman who is quite a handful. Her name is Kang Jae-mi. Upon returning to Seoul, he encounters her again by coincidence…

Oh Jung-hee

After divorcing her husband who had an affair, she supports her daughter Jae-mi by getting a job. She is not happy that her daughter Jae-mi married Jung-soo who is not that bright. But their marriage turns out alright as Jae-mi makes the couple’s restaurant business a success. Thinking she has nothing to worry about her daughter’s marriage, she goes on a trip with Jae-mi that was paid for by Jae-mi’s husband. But her trip is spoiled when she meets her ex-husband Hyung-do there…

Kang Hyung-do

He was a good father, husband and provider. He also had a solid reputation as an esteemed surgeon but he gave that all up when he had an affair with Joo-li. When his wife divorces him, his life spirals out of control. Living with Joo-li is miserable as she is a shopaholic who rings up massive credit card bills every month. She hardly does the housework so he finds himself doing the dishes all the time. He even aged quicker and looks 10 years older than his actual age because of Joo-li. But a ray of hope appears in his life when he meets his ex-wife Jung-hee again…

Han Jung-soo

Han Jung-soo is not a good man nor is he smart and capable. But he married someone smarter than himself and his wife helps him become a successful restaurant owner. But instead of staying faithful to his wife, he finds her overbearing as she relentlessly tries to be perfect in every way… As his dissatisfaction with his marriage increases, he finds himself attracted to Chae Hee-soo and soon she gets pregnant with his child. The news of her pregnancy makes him determined to divorce his wife. But he doesn’t want to hurt Jae-mi by demanding a divorce up front since he knows about her dad’s betrayal and her vow to never get divorced like her mother. So he comes up with a plan…

Byun Joo-li

Thanks to having a mother who owns a beauty salon, she entered many beauty contests where she won a Photogenic Award once. This helped her nab a job as a correspondent to a TV show. Due to her lack of talent, she doesn’t get much work in show business though. However, she believes she’s an A-list celebrity when she’s not. She relies on her mother to pay her credit card bills…

Oh Jung-shim

Jae-mi’s aunt and Jung-hee’s younger sister. She has no job or money. She is a silly person who is quick to burst into tears over minor matters. She married young while in college but after seven years of marriage, she could not conceive a child, which her mother-in-law found to be unacceptable. Her husband’s family finally forced him to divorce her because she couldn’t bear children. Now she’s back in the marriage market. She’s not a good judge of men and ends up being swindled out of her money by some of her dates. But she doesn’t stop hoping of having a child of her own one day.


Lee Bo Young as Kang Jae Mi
Lee Tae Sung as Byun Dong Woo
Hong Hyun Taek as child Dong Woo
Jin Yi Han as Han Jung Soo


Extended Cast
Chun Ho Jin as Kang Hyung Do
Bae Jong Ok as Oh Jung Hee
Byun Jung Soo as Byun Joo Ri
Yoon Hyun Sook as Oh Jung Shim
Han Yeo Reum as Chae Hee Joo
Ahn Sang Tae as Nam Dae Moon
Kim Yoo Bin as Nam Da Reum
Kim Soo Mi as Crystal Park
Park In Hwan as Byun Choon Nam
Park Ha Young as Kang Se Ra
Seo In Young as In Young (cameo, eps 1-3)
Park Shi Eun as Nam Ji Eun (cameo)
Jo Yeon Woo as Director Park (cameo)
Lee Hyung Suk (cameo)


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