Title : Holyland
Genre : Action-drama
Episode : 4
Director : Park Ki Hyung (movie Gangster High)
Broadcast station : Super Action, every Saturday 23:00
Broadcast period : 2012-April-28 to 2012-May-19

A TV movie about a boy who skips school and wanders in the street finally becomes a champion through boxing

Character Description

Kang Yoo
Bullies hunter and weak-minded boy

He can’t easily blend with people at home or in the society. So, he quietly learns how to box by a boxing text box which he found at an old book store.
He does it maybe because he wants to forget his identity which he doesn’t like.

He likes to wandering around Dark Street to find a place to stay. When he protects himself with one or two smack from bullies, he got his nickname : Bullies Hunter.

Sang Ho
Charismatic in the street. Kang Yoo’s mentor.

One day he’s curious about the bully hunter and he sees the spot when Kang Yoo’s fighting. He then supports Kang Yoo mentally and technically.

Tae Sik
Karate expert.
When he heard the noes about bullies hunter, he fights against Kang Yoo. But Kang Yoo is stronger and beats Tae Sik.
Then he’s chased by bullies and to fight back the bullies, he open his heart for Kang Yoo and they become good friends.

Sang Mi
Sang Hoo’s younger sister.
She likes Kang Yoo and becomes close with him ever since she saw Kang Yoo fight in the street.

Dong Ho as Kang Yoo
Hoon as Tae Shik
Joo Da Young as Sang Mi
Sung Woong
Dong Hyun Bae

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