Title:  Heading to the Ground
Genre: Sports, romance
Episodes: 16
Director: Park Sung Soo
Screenwriter: Kim Sol Ji
Broadcast network: MBC, Wednesday & Thursdays 21:55
Broadcast period: 2009-Sep-09

Love story between Cha Bong Goon (Yunho), the man who has nothing but passion, and Kang Hae Bin (Go Ah Ra), the girl who seemingly has everything but wants to stand on her own. There will be misunderstandings and they will bicker, but in the end love will prevail.

This drama will be a heartwarming story about a young man who has three brushes with death but survives to overcome and eventually succeed.

Character Description

u-knowCha Bong-gun (Soccer player)

He kicked around a soccer ball with all his might since he was a young kid and became a soccer player at a league team with a dismal record. He has a knack for always being at the right scoring position and has a powerful kick. Yet his life away from soccer is full of trouble. Due to his hot temper he is always getting into fights. One day his team is disbanded and his professional career as a soccer player becomes precarious. Then a sports agent named Hae-bin appears in his life. The bitterness he has towards Seung-woo turns for the worse when they both try to win Hae-bin’s love.

heading-cast-11Kang Hae-bin (Sports agent)

She’s the daughter of the president of a chaebol that owns a soccer team in the K-League. She’s an avid fan of sports. When her dad disappoints her by having an affair with his secretary, she moves out of the family home as soon as she graduates from college. She finds a job at a sports marketing firm and works as an agent for soccer players. In the male-dominated sports industry, she is scorned and belittled since she’s the only female sports agent. While constantly bickering with Cha Bong-gun over little matters, she gradually falls in love with him. She sets a goal of making Bong-gun the most marketable player in soccer.

heading-cast-2Jang Seung-woo (Attorney)

He was admitted to a prestigious university with the highest score among his freshmen class. He later became the youngest person to ever pass the bar exam. He has never lost any competition during his life and has supreme confidence of his abilities. He is admired by everyone and there’s one girl he truly loves. That girl is Hae-bin. But Cha Bong-gun, a mediocre soccer player, tries to win Hae-bin’s heart. How dare he! He boils with anger when he sees Hae-bin looks at Bong-gun affectionately.

heading-cast-3Oh Yeon-lee (Nutritionist for soccer team)

She is a childhood friend of Bong-gun and they went to the same elementary school as kids. She works as a nutritionist for a soccer team.

She has a crush on Bong-gun but doesn’t have the courage to confess her feelings to him. She’s an lovable liar.

Credit : MBC Global Media

Main Cast
U-Know Yunho as Cha Bong Gun
Go Ah Ra as Kang Hae Bin
Lee Sang Yoon as Jang Seung Woo
Lee Yoon Ji as Oh Yeon Yi
Kim Jae Seung as Dong Ho
Choi Min Sung
Kang Shin Il
Lee Seung Shin
Ricky Lee Neely
Yoon Won Suk
Kim Jae Seung
Lee Jae Yoon

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