Title: Happy Ending
Genre: Family
Episodes: TBA
Director: Kwak Young Bum
Writer: Kim Yoon Jung ( I Am Legend)
Broadcast network: jTBC, every Monday & Tuesday 20:45
Broadcast period: 2012-Apr-23

A broken family is re-united again by a father who faces a death sentence because of terminal ill disease.

Character Description

Kim Doo Soo
I want my death to be remembered as a pleasant death. I tried to do that till last minute

A local news reporter. He’s busy supporting his family and then diagnosed with a terminal disease. There’s not so much time left, he prepares his family for goodbye.

Yang Suna
My greatest mistake in life was married to Kim Doo Soo. My greatest regret was that I didn’t love him more

A feminine woman and has many complaints about Kim Doo Soo. In her heart she believes in him but on the other hand she doesn’t like Kim Dong Soo’s dictatorship

Hong Ae Ran
Will we live together for just one day ?

Alluring but humble career woman. She loves Doo Soo but treats him as a close friend and hides her feeling.

Lee Tae Pyung
How long we will kneel to dictating father ? My family, let’s do coup d’etat against him !

He knows so many things that he becomes a pleasing agitator. He believes that democracy starts from home. A spoiled idealist.
He hates his father-in-law who abuses him to find job. He’s a trouble maker who takes petty money from younger brother and sister-in-law.

Koo Seung Jae
What was my life before I meet you ? It’s all man success story. But my life becomes a real life sit-com because of you, miss Kim Eun Ha !

A serious but funny man. He wants perfection in his work but he feels happiness when he serving orphan or disabled people. He runs an architect company with his friend.

Kim Geum Ha
Is it only me the trouble maker ? I heard Daddy was once a street fighter. Is it only me who give birth at 20 ? Mom was same with me. Do you think I was happy living with my parents ? Tell Daddy , don’t abuse my husband.

Lee Tae Pyung’s wife. She’s radical girl. She can’t tolerate unfairness. She doesn’t hesitate to blame or insult people without manner. As a result she has been called by police so many times.

Park Na Young
Kim Doo Soo is the worst man and best reporter I have ever met.

A cool career woman, smart and straight forward. Graduated from first class university with top score and passed exam to entrance a broadcasting company also with top score.
It seems that she’s not afraid of anything but she’s also a lovely girl with plenty of tears.

Kim Eun Ha
I can’t be a cinderella who loves beggar

A woman who used her charm as weapon. Snob , arrogant and full of selfishness. She regularly searched a lavish fitness centre to find her prince

Choi Min Soo as Kim Doo Soo
Shim Hye Jin as Yang Sun Ah
So Yi Hyun as Park Na Young
Lee Seung Yun as Hong Ae Ran
So Yoo Jin as Kim Geum Ha
Park Jung Chul as Lee Tae Pyung
Kim So Eun as Kim Eun Ha
Kang Ta as Koo Seung Jae
Choi Bool Am

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