grandpa over flower korean drama

Title: Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team / Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 12
Director: Kim Jin Young
Screenwriter: Moon Seon Hee
Broadcast network: tvN, every Friday 21:50
Broadcast Period: 2014-May-09


This drama telling the story of Lee Joon Hyuk (Lee Soon Jae), a former petty cop who starts poking his nose into investigations with a couple of grandpa buddies.

Character Description

Lee Junhyuk

29 years old.
I still have good brain!

He entered police school with top score. He can put anything in his memory once he sees something. He can keep his memory for a long time. Even if it is a thick encyclopedia, once he sees it, he can memorize everything-in-the-encyclopedia. As a result, he entered and graduated police school with top score among colleagues.

But, because he has so superior ability, he is too cold. He seems to underestimate other person. Peoples cannot find generosity from him. He talks so bitterly. Usually, peoples give place to old person in subway. But, he does not want to accept this courtesy. He used to argue with old man why he must give up his seat for old man.

Then….. While he was investigating “Gold fish”, he suddenly becomes old man. The powerless old man whom he looks down on!! He starts to forget something easily. He starts to weep in small things.

Han Wonbin

29 years old.
I still have handsomeness!

His personal character is playboy. Any girl might kneel down in front of him. He knows female’s mentality very well. He is a detective. There is an unbelievable legend that, when female suspect meets him once, she confesses her faults with tears. He does not show any interests other than girls and fashions. He can catch female’s character easily through her clothing or her small behavior.

Then…. He becomes old man while he investigates “Gold fish”. His handsomeness changes to full of wrinkles. Not only 25 years-old-girl, but also 65 years-old-woman does not care him at all. How I become like this!! But, he starts to understand new things. The important is real internal pride rather than appearance.

Jeon Kangsuk

28 years old.

He was once an Olympic boxing athlete. So, he is speedy and endurable. He is sports-mania. He is sensitive for his body. Every day, he cannot sleep if he does not finish daily exercise. He is used to diet and muscle-exercise. He was an orphan. As he did not have parents, he had to believe only himself.
So, if people-who-has-parents complaints his difficulty, he does not like it. Their complaints were so luxurious comparing to him. How they complain in so-happy-situation!!

Then…this athletic man becomes old man all-of-a-sudden. If he holds dumbbells, his shoulders cannot resist it. If he does sit-ups, his waist hurts. However he exercises, his abs looks like fat. Peoples say that the fat is because of age.
How I become like this!! I wish I could back to past!!

Park Jungwoo

29 years old.
I am still good!!

He is the sole son of Chief-of-National-Police!! He always shows smiles. Nobody ever sees him angry. Moreover, he is rich and has good back-up. Many of his forefathers were Chief-of-Police. As his family has been powerful, he knows many politicians and powerful businessmen. So, he is expected to be future Police-Chief.
Also, he graduated police school with high grade.
How God give everything to just one man!!.

Main Cast

Lee Soon Jae as Lee Joon Hyuk
Choi Jin Hyuk as Lee Joon Hyuk (young)
Byun Hee Bong as Han Won Bin
Park Min Woo as Han Won Bin (young)
Jang Kwang as Jun Gang Suk
– Park Doo Sik as Jun Gang Suk (young)
Kim Hee Chul as Park Jung Woo
Park Eun Ji as Yoo Ra
Lee Cho Hee as Jung Eun Ji
Kim Eung Soo as investigation team leader
Kim Byung Se as deputy department head of police

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