Title : Goodbye Dear Wife
Genre : drama
Episode : TBA
Director : Kim Pyung Jong
Scriptwriter : Kim Do Hyun
Broadcast station : Channel A, every Monday & Tuesday
Broadcast period : 2012-May-7

A thoughtless husband leaves his wife of 5 years for his first lover.

Character Description

Cha Seung Hyuk
I have no appetite for marriage! Dear wife, could’t you say goodbye to me ?

A former martial arts champion with great body, shiny eyes and good looks. He has many female fans since his athlete days along with his nickname ‘the handsome in the ring’. He enjoyed popularity just like the celebrity.
He fell in  love with his present wife Sun Ah. Sun Ah has a pledge to be a nun and said that she doesn’t like martial arts athlete. So he gave up his career to marry her. Their marriage became a sensational news and he was called as the most romantic guy of the century.
He became more popular and received a lot of CFs call. Those commercials made him rich and he became the CEO of a luxurious fitness club.

Time goes by and he’s soon boring with his marriage and regrets it. He lived with Sun Ah just because of obligation.
At that time, his first-lover appeared in front of him and recklessly he’s about to say goodbye to his wife.

Kang Sun Ah
Did you say that you want to live with Cha Seung Hyuk just one day ? Please do as you wish and then you will know

When she was a baby, she was discarded in front of a church and then she’s raised by nuns. After she was discarded again by her first boyfriend Hyun Chul , she pledged to be a nun. But just before she swore , Cha Seung Hyuk proposed her and then she married him like a cinderella story.

Marriage life was no fantasy. It’s not easy living together with a popular man who often says that he’s boring with marriage life. But she’s generous to let him live as he wishes but she’s also smart to not let him far away.

She ever questioned herself ‘If marriage is like this, why did I marry ?’ But she never regretted it because Seunghyuk is her first family she ever has.  So she wants to have baby as soon as possible.
Then, her first lover, Hyunchul, appeared again in front of her and her heart starts to beat again.

Oh Hyang Gi
Can you divorce from your wife for me ? Can you ?

Cha Seung Hyuk’s first lover. Her original name was Oh Hyang Sook  but she changed into Oh Hyang Gi. She’s a bad woman with mysterious attractiveness.
We can’t  predict which one is true or lie from what she talked or did.
She once married to a successful businessman and divorced.

Kim Hyun Chul
Sun Ah, I wish that I keep my promise that I made 7 years ago

A competent lawyer. He loved Sun Ah but left her 7 years ago to study abroad and said to her ‘ Do not wait for me’.
Actually, at that time, he had hidden reason he couldn’t tell Sun Ah.

While living abroad, he wanted to return for Sun Ah but he heard that Sun Ah married. Eventually he is back to Korea again just to check if Sun Ah is happy or not.
He’s so heart broken when he finds that Cha Seung Hyuk rekindles romance with Hyang Gi and leaves Sun Ah ill treated. He blames it as the result of his decision 7 years ago.
He comes to conclusion that he do not need to feel guilty if he takes Sun Ah from a man like Cha Seunghyuk.

Joo Ji Ae
Freelance reporter who has a crush on Cha Seung Hyuk since he was an athlete.
But after Seung Hyuk got married, she became Seung Hyuk’s closest friend.
Finally she gave up on Seung Hyuk , went abroad for study and met Hyun Chul.
She starts to love Hyun Chul but then she knows that Hyun Chul finds again his love.

Kang Goo Ro
A martial art champion and former rival of Cha Seung Hyuk.
He never scored a win against Cha Seung Hyuk in the ring. All he wants is to see Cha Seung Hyuk falls down.

Gye Dong Hee
Cha Seung Hyuk’s former trainer and now working as Seung Hyuk’s manager and driver.
He always stands for Cha Seung Hyuk no matter what.

Ryu Shi Won as Cha Seung Hyuk
Hong Soo Hyun as Kang Sun Ah
Kim Min Soo as Kim Hyun Chul
Park Ji Yoon as Oh Hyang Gi
Julien Kang as Kang Goo Ro
Danny Ahn as Gye Dong Hee

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  • Park Ji Yoon also sings the ost of this drama titled ‘We Erase It All’ which reached top of Mnet Ost Chart

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