Title: Good For You
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 100+
Director: Lee Min Soo
Screenwriter: Park Ji Hyun (Vampire Idol, Good Job Good Job)
Broadcast network: MBC, every Monday to Friday 07:50
Broadcast period: 2013-May-06


In the process to find love, a woman faces a cruel ordeal.

Character Description

Min Ji Soo
35 years old.
Ji Won’s twin sister. She is so kind, pretty and gentle that she follows other people’s opinion even if it needs her sacrifice a little.

“I love you. Love is enough for me in living. How a person living a life just for himself or herself? Life is love and sacrifice, don’t you think so?”

Cha Woo Sung

36 years old.
He is a man who feels that he has nothing and falls in love without thinking.
He feels sorry for Ji Soo

Lee Sunnam

32 years old.
Born as the son of a wealthy family

Lee Seon Mi

30 years old.
Her parents wanted a son but her mother gave birth to a daughter instead.
She had miscarriages 5 times and decided to give up on pregnancy.

Min Ji Won

JI Soo’s twin sister. She hated her father

Lee Dae Gwan

He feels guilt because he was once tearing down an old small theater to build a big property.
It made the owner of the small theater committed suicide.
Because of that Dae Gwan looks for the son of the owner and support him.

Jung Inkyung

She met Ann (Dae Gwan’s wife) in an English course.
After she often visited Anna’s house, Dae Gwan hired her as his secretary.
Later she becomes Dae Gwan’s mistress

Kim Youngok

Oversophisticated old lady. Ji Soo’s mother-in-law.

Jang Okja

A cleaning woman who just looks for wealthy family.
Though she is just cleaner, as she works for many wealthy families, her eye and taste becomes luxurious.

Yoo Dukhwa

Sunnam’s high school friend. At the place where Sunnam is not there, he pretends himself as Sunnam. Why? Girls like wealthy Sunnam rather than poor Dukhwa.

Heo Youngmi

Woosung’s secretary. She’s social climber and looking for rich man.
Finally, she finds out Sunnam (Actually, it is Dukhwa. She wrongly recognizes him).

Bae Kichul

Ji Soo’s husband on paper. Simple, ignorant and funny man. He becomes crazy when he heard Woosung and Ji Soo fall in affection. One day, he sees Jisu is pushed out from cliff by Woosung.

His beloved Ji Soo is dead. Jisu has never loved her. At this moment, what he will do?

Do Dohee

Though she lives in one bed with Kichul, Kichul hurts her heart when he said that he loves Jisu. When Jisu dies, she expects her own happiness finally comes.

Ha Hee Ra as Min Ji Soo / Min Ji Won
Lee Hyung Chul as Cha Woo Sung
Shim Hung Tak as Lee Seon Nam
Kim Bin Woo as Lee Seon Mi
Park Geun Hyung as Lee Dae Gwan
Hwang Ji Ni as Heo Yeong Mi
Cha Joo Ok
Jang Hee Soo
Mun Young Mi
Yoon Hee Joo
Jang Ye Seul

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