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Title : Golden Rainbow / Gold Rainbow
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 50
Directors: Kang Dae Sun, Lee Jae Jin
Screenwriter: Son Young Mok, Cha Yi Young
Broadcast network: MBC , every Saturday & Sunday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2013-Nov-02


This drama will show 2 families.
One Family is consist of seven orphans who adopted and raised by a father and grew up together as a family in a town near the ocean. They experience hardships together and have bonds that are even stronger than that of blood-related siblings.
Another family is blood-related family. Though they have same blood, they are collapsing through greed and conflicts.

So, what is real family?

Character Description

Kim Baekwon

2nd child of Kim Hanju
Actually she is Yoon Younghye’s daughter as well as granddaughter of Kang Jungsim, Chairwoman of Hwanggeum Group.
When she was 4 years old, she lost in mountain and found out by Manwon, 1st child of Hanju. Then, later, she was adopted by Kim Hanju.

She has boyish personality but she has talent to make other people feels bright. Although she’s reckless, she’s a very positive girl.

Seo Doyoung

Seo Jinki’s son.
Since his father re-married, he has been treated like a foreigner in family. Though he is very smart, he shows defiant attitude.

Kim Chunwon

3rd child of Kim Hanju.
When she was treated badly by her step-family, she was saved by Baekwon and  lives with Hanju’s family.

She has smart brain and posh appearance.
In the drama, she hangs between the good and the evil. She continuously tries to fly high to the top society.

Kim Manwon

1st child of Kim Hanju.
He is a man of perseverance and sincere. He won’t give up his belief in any situation.
He shows love with his behavior rather than talking.

Though he is cold and brutal in the world, he is very kind and plays his role as a big brother who willing to sacrifice everything for his younger siblings.

Kim Hanju

He was raised in orphanage together with Seo Jinki and Yoon Younghye.

He is a sincere man. He is broad-minded fatherly man.
He becomes an ex-convict for the sake of Seo Jinki and Yoon Younghye.

He happens to take care of 7 children and becomes their father.

Yoon Younghae

She was raised in same orphanage together with Kim Hanju and Seo Jinki. Though she knows that Hanju loves her, she married to wealthy man, Jang Duksoo (=Successor of Hwanggeum group) as she wants to escape poverty.

But, when her husband died, she is kicked off by her mother-in-law Kang Jungsim. Her daughter is taken by her mother-in-law at that time.

Later, her daughter lost in one mountain and police said she died. Younghye swears revenge.

Seo Jinki

Son-in-law of Kang Jungsim.
He was raised in same orphanage with Kim Hanju. He worked very hard and now he’s a successful man.
Though he looks dignified and disciplined gentleman, he is a man who wears mask.

Chun Okjo

He was raised in same orphanage with Hanju. At first, he was taken care by Hanju. Later, he betrays Hanju and becomes construction developer. But, his real status is the black marketer.

Kim Sibwon

4th child of Kim Hanju. When she was a baby, she was discarded with her twin brother. Since she was found by Hanju, she was raised by Hanju. Though she is not smart and pretty like Chunwon, she always wishes to get more than Chunwon.

Kim Yulwon

5th child of Kim Hanju. Sly , talkative shameless boy. Twin brother of Sibwon.

Kim Ilwon

6th child of Hanju. A boy who has mixed-blood with foreign country worker. He was discarded by labor-worker-from-foreign-country. He is smart and full of dream.

Kim Youngwon

7th child of Hanju. Youngest one in the family. He is adopted to abroad nation in his young age.

Kang Jungsim 

Chairwoman of Hwanggeum Group.
She is like a female fighter. Since she lost husband, she raised 2 children, Duksoo and Mirim by herself. She developed big company, Hwangkeum Group, by herself.
She is very cold and stern woman. When her son died, she kicked out daughter-in-law from her house.

Jang Mirim

Kang Jungsim’s daughter.
Though she has no ability and patience like mother, she has many jealousy and greed. Since she re-married to Seo Jinki, she lives well without big trouble.

Young Seo Taeyoung

Jang Mirim’s son.
He is educated as a future successor of Hwanggeum Group. He is very selfish. He thinks it natural to use other people for his purpose. He does not like his step-father, Seo Minki and his son, Doyoung. They have possibility to be his rival.

Young Chun Supyo

Chun Okjo’s son. He is dumb and loves eating. But, his heart is good , different than his father.


Uee as Kim Baek Won / Jang Ha Bin (3rd child)
Kim Yoo Jung as as Baek Won (teen)
Lee Chae Mi as Baek Won (Child)
Jung Il Woo as Do Young
Oh Jae Moo as Do Young (teen)
Lee Jae Yoon as Man Won (1st child)
Seo Young Joo as Man Won (teen)
Cha Ye Ryun as Chun Won (2nd child)
– Song Yoo Jung as Chun Won (teen)

Kim Han Joo’s family

Kim Sang Joong as Kim Han Joo
Ahn Seo Hyun as Kim Shib Won (4th child)
Jung Yoon Suk as Kim Yeol Won (5th child)
Kim Tae Joon as Kim Il Won (6th child)
Choi Ro Woon as Kim Young Won (7th child)

Seo Jin Ki’s family

Jo Min Ki as Seo Jin Ki
Park Won Sook as Kang Jung Shim
Ji Soo Won as Jang Mi Rim
Lee Seung Ho as young Seo Tae Young

Chun Uk Jo’s family

Ahn Nae Sang as Chun Uk Jo
Kim Hye Eun as Yang Se Ryun
Ryu Dam as Chun Soo Pyo
– Kim Dong Hyun as Soo Pyo (teen)


Do Ji Won as Yoon Young Hye

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