god quiz sesaon 4

Title: God’s Quiz Season 4
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network : OCN, every Sunday 23.00
Director: Lee Min Woo

Creator: Park Jae Bum
Screenwriters: Park Dae Sung , Lee Dae Il
Broadcast period: 2014-May-18


A drama about the process of tracking down the mysterious deaths of elite doctors from the Korean University, and unravelling a mystery related to a rare disease.

Character Description

Han Jinwoo

29 years old.
Entrusted forensic doctor by Hankook University Forensic Office.

He is genius. He accepted by Kaist (=The best scientific college in Korea) at his age of 10.
At first time, his major was robot during Kaist era. As he wanted to study more about the-best- robot-in-human-history ( human being itself), he moved to Hankook University.

Though he is haughty and unpredictable, peoples cannot dislike him as he is witty and humorous.
During he works in Forensic office, with the knowledge for rare-diseases, he learns how-to-investigate-a-crime as well.

After curing his long disease through brain-surgery, he recovers his health.

Kang Kyunghee

31 years old.
Detective in National police special investigation team.

While she worked in Army Criminal Service Bureau, she was scouted by National Police.
She is very logical, full of righteous-spirit and perfectionist. Though she looks cold, actually, she also has hot blood. After she returns back from study in New York, she started to work as a detective in forensic office. She nurses Han Jinwoo, who lost consciousness after fainting.

Han Siwoo

27 years old.
Autopsy specialist in Hankook University Forensic Office

He graduated from Hankook University. Then he started to work in NISI (=National Institute of Scientific Investigation). He is bright, healthy and cheerful. He is handsome and trustful. He has charming voice. He is very sincere for his duty.

He is a fan of Professor Han Jinwoo. He reads all thesis and books of Han Jinwoo. He wanted to earn job in NISI because of Han Jinwoo. But, afterwards, he loses his heart to other person in NISI.

Im Taekyung

28 yeas old.
Autopsy specialist in Hankook University Forensic Office

She is a skillful staff in NISI.
She has unique career. She was once a sexy girl of an idol group.
Though her sexy appearance pulls many eyes of peoples, her knowledge about anatomy, pathology and pharmacy is unbelievable.

There happens a big change to this intelligent sexy lady…

Jo Youngsil

44 years old.
Chief of Hankook University Forensic Office

She is a well-known top level medical examiner. When Forensic Office was set up for the first time for rare-diseases, she immediately volunteered for it.

Though she often argues with Han Jinwoo, she admitted Jinwoo’s ability and they become like brother-and-sister.

Nam Kiyong

39 years old.
Special-investigation-team chief of Hankook University Forensic Office.

Though he acts sneaky, he does not bear grudge. He is a veteran detective. Though he easily becomes hot-temper, he also gets his calmness soon. Though sometimes he talks bitterly to person, he has warm-heart and generosity.

5 years ago, because of some investigation case, there was some misunderstandings between Kyunghee and him. Kyunghee still blames him with the case.
To solve misunderstandings and to compensate debts, he volunteers for special investigation team.

Ryu Duk Hwan as Han Jin Woo
Yoon Joo Hee as Kang Kyung Hee
Lee Dong Hae as Han Shi Woo
Kim Jae Kyung as Im Tae Kyung
Kang Sung Pil as Nam Ki Yong
Park Joon Myun as Jo Young Shil

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