Title : God’s Gift – 14 Days
Genre: Melodrama, Action, Crime, Thriller, Time-Travel
Episodes: 20
Director: Lee Dong Hoon
Screenwriter: Choi Ran
Broadcast network: SBS, every Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2014-March-03

A woman travels back to the past to save her kidnapped daughter

Character Description

Kim Soohyun

Early 30s. TV debating program writer.

I am a wife of one man. I have one child.
My husband is well-known handsome lawyer. My daughter is cute and kind. I have respectable job. So, I have nothing to envy.

I think my viewpoint toward society is a little twisted. It is too righteous and strict.
Maybe, it is because that I work for TV-debating-program concerning social affairs. Our society is so unfair. There are so many crimes and injustices.

As a working-mom, I felt sorry to my daughter because of my busy life. So, I decided to quit the work to concentrate in raising her.

Then, during final airing of my career, I received one strange blackmail.

Ki Dongchan

In his 20s. He operates detective agency. (Name of Agency : Support without asking)

Peoples call me ‘Super asshole’.
I am a president of ‘Support without asking’ detective agency. Though I am a man who dashes money without thinking about any righteousness, I also was a capable policeman in the homicide department.

When my colleagues knew my family history, I quit the job of policeman. Being detective is the only thing I can do.

Though I have mother and dummy brother, because of incident happened 10 years ago (I don’t want to recollect it), I broke off relationship with them.

Han Jihoon

In his 30s. Lawyer who deals civil right. Soohyun’s Husband.

Peoples say that I am the best husband. I am the proud father of Satbul.

I married to Soohyun when I was a young prosecutor. At that time, she was a confident TV reporter.

Though I love my wife very much, I don’t like her style of educating our daughter.

When my daughter was kidnapped, I used all the power to find her. Though I am the civil-right-lawyer who does not agree a death-penalty, when my daughter was murdered, I throw out my belief.

I will kill this asshole with my own hand…

Hyun Woojin

Early 30s. Chief of homicide section in Kangnam Police Station.

Peoples call me ‘Future Head of Police “. I graduated from police school with top ranking.

In the place of a murder case, I happened to meet Soohyun. She was once my lover. Though it was 10 years ago, she still makes my heart shaking.

Now, Soohyun says one strange thing. The culprit will do serial killing. I can’t understand what she talks. She wants me to protect her daughter. She says the culprit may kill her daughter.

I want to protect Soohyun. I want to protect her daughter.

Ki Younggyu

He is in his 10s. Mentally handicapped boy whose mental age is just 6 years old. Adopted son of Dongho.

He met current father and grandmother after he run out of orphanage.

Satbul was his only friend. Sabyul’s mother ever slapped him to not playing with her daughter. Now, Satbul’s mother begs help with tears. She wants him to protect her..

Wang Byungtae

In his 20s. Hacker.
He has 7 times record of Hacking criminals. If he wants, he can sneak any computer system to take information.

Though he got a job in some computer company, because of his criminal record, he is bullied by his colleagues.

When he heard Dongchan opens business, he rushed to Dongchan.


In her 20s. Cheating Specialist.

She has 5 times record of Cheating Criminals. She convinces herself of cheating anybody if she wants.

Though she goes in and out of jail several ti

Main Cast

Lee Bo Young as Kim Soo Hyun
Cho Seung Woo as Ki Dong Chan
Kim Tae Woo as Han Ji Hoon (Soo Hyun’s husband)
Jung Gyu Woon as Hyun Woo Jin
Kim Yoo Bin as Han Sa Byul (Soo Hyun’s daughter)

People around Soo Hyun

Park Hye Sook as Jang Mi Soon (Soo Hyun’s mother)
Kim Jin Hee as Joo Min Ah (Soo Hyun’s junior)

People around Dong Chan

Jung Hye Sun as Lee Soon Nyeo (Dong Chan and Dong Ho’s mother)
Jung Eun Pyo as Ki Dong Ho (Dong Chan’s older brother)
Baro as Ki Young Gyu (Dong Ho’s adopted son)
Shin Goo as Choo Byung Woo
Ahn Se Ha as Na Ho Gook

Dong Chan’s supporters

Yun Je Wook as Wang Byung Tae (hacking expert)
Han Sun Hwa as Jenny (fraud expert)

Other People

Kang Shin Il Kim Nam Joon (President)
Joo Jin Mo as Lee Myung Han (Minister of Justice)
Ye Soo Jung  as Park Ji Young (the first lady)
Noh Min Woo as Te Oh (Leader of rock group Snake)
Na Moon Hee

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