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Title: Goddess of Marriage
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 32
Director: Oh Jin Suk
Scriptwriter: Jo Jung Sun (The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House)
Broadcast network: SBS , every Saturday & Sunday 21:50
Broadcast period: 2013-June-29 

A drama about four women in different stages of marriage with different values ??and philosophies of love and conflicts finding the true meaning and the importance of marriage.

Character Description

Song Jihye

30 years old. Her job is a writer for radio.
Grew up as a farmer’s daughter. She is a typical righteous girl.

She is somewhat successful writer who has a bright career . So, she is sometimes naïve as a farmer’s girl. But, she won’t give up her belief as a prideful career woman.

After a year of dating with always-well-conducted Taewook, her boyfriend proposed. Though her love is not so serious yet, as their relationship is already known to people, she accepted his proposal with some confusion.

When Taewook gave her one-billion-won to prepare the wedding, the problem starts.
As she feels the burden of a wedding with big family, she escapes to Jeju Island with excuse of business trip.
There, she meets Kim Hyunwoo. And, she starts to be agonizing against her marriage.

Kang Taewook

Early 30th. He is a third son of Kang Manho, the conglomerate group. His job is a prosecutor. As he has charisma, nice man and he is considered as a successor of group.

At the first time of his life, his marriage with Jihye is against his father’s will. But, Jihye can’t tolerate his family, and requests a divorce. Though he disregards Jihye’s request, nobody is happy.

Kim Hyunwoo

Early 30th. He is a skillful architect. He dreams a pure love.

Coincidently, he meets Jihye during the flight to Jeju Island. He spends 3 days with her in Jeju island and falls in love with her.

When he finds out she has conglomerate fiancé, he disappeared from her.
But, he happens to meet her frequently, and, feels sorry for her as her face becomes more pale.

If possible, he wishes to ask her: How does the marriage suppose to be? Are you really happy with your marriage?

Hong Hyejung

34 years old. 2nd daughter-in-law of Kang Manho. Former TV anchorwoman. Taejin’s wife. She is a typical gracious woman in high society.

As the 1st daughter of low level government official, she wanted luxury life. While she was working as an anchorwoman, she met conglomerate son, Taejin.
Soon she threw away her old lover , and approached Taejin , dreamed high society life.

Kang Taejin

38 years old. 2nd son of Chairman Kang Manho. His reputation is so poor that there is a rumor “Watch your daughter if she dates with 2nd son of Kang Manho. Your daughter may be ruined”

He spends money easily and dreams to be a politician.

Song Jisun

46 years old. Big sister of Jihye. She is a career woman in big advertisement company. Though she is expecting to be nominated as managing director with her ability, as a working mother, she feels that her life is not easy. So, she hopes that her younger sister, Jihye can live happily with love from husband.

Noh Jangsoo

48 years old. Jisun’s husband. He is a skillful auto-mechanic. He has easygoing and funny personality.

While he just graduated mechanic-school, his wife graduated from regular university.
He feels inferior about that.

He  sometimes feels uneasy as his wife likes to repair her car in other place though he is a best auto-mechanic.

Kwon Eunhee

36 years old. Jisun’s younger sister-in-law. Seungsoo’s wife. She supports her husband with all of her life just because he is so handsome even though he is selfish. When she knows her husband has secret love-affair, she feels angry and decides her own love-affair as revenge.

Noh Seungsoo

36 years old. Jangsoo’s younger brother. Eunhee’s husband. He is handsome. He works as an assistant anchor in one broadcasting company. When he meets a girl, who graduates from Harvard University, as his working partner, he starts to feel that his status becomes higher.

He starts to make love-affair with her while looks down his ignorant wife.

When his wife pursues and knows his love-affair, he responds it with bold-face. Then, harsh punishment follows.


Ji Hye Couple
Nam Sang Mi as Song Ji Hye
Kim Ji Hoon as Kang Tae Wook
Lee Sang Woo as Kim Hyun Woo

Hye Jung Couple

Lee Tae Ran as Hong Hye Jung
Kim Jung Tae as Kang Tae Jin

Ji Sun Couple

Jo Min Soo as Song Ji Sun
Kwon Hae Hyo as Noh Jang Soo

Eun Hee Couple

Jang Young Nam as Kwon Eun Hee
Jang Hyun Sung as Noh Seung Soo


Jun Gook Hwan as Kang Man Ho (Tae Wook and Tae Jin’s father)
Yoon So Jung as Lee Jung Sook (Man Ho’s wife)
Sung Byung Sook as Byun Ae Ja (Ji Sun’s mother in-law)


Lee Se Young as Noh Min Jung (Ji Sun’s daughter)
Kim Joon Goo as Kim Ye Sol
Shim Yi Young as Nam Mi Ra
Park Wan Kyu as Jung Dae Hyun (Yun Soo’s husband)
Lee Sul Hee as Kim Yun Soo (Ji Hye’s friend)
Clara as Cynthia Jung
Yum Dong Hun as Manager Hwang
Go Na Eun as Han Se Kyung
Jo Woo Jin as Hye Jung’s younger sister’s husband

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