Title: God Quiz 2 / Shin-ui Quiz 2
Genre: Medical, crime, mystery
Episodes: 12
Production Company: Eight Works
Director: Lee Jung Pyo
Screenwriter: Park Jae Bum
Broadcast network: OCN , every Friday 24:00
Broadcast period: 2011-Jun-10

Han Jin Woo and his team of medical experts continue to solve mysterious deaths and cases larger in scale and more intractable than before, including the truth of a rare disease that had been hidden behind seemingly simple crimes.

Character Description

Han Jin Woo – Neurosurgery specialist (Entrusting local medical examiner)
A very cocky personality, but full of wit and humor so people cannot hate him.
Other than that he never serious at any circumstances and very greedy to food. At first he was at conflict with senior member of local examining office but soon his talent is recognized by the senior.
He feels delicate thing with detective Kang Kyung Hee of criminal investigating team. He is forced to rest by unknown deceases, his heart is in dilemma to help solving case in his office.

Kang Kyung Hee – Police detective of Special case investigation
Logic in everything and cold perfectionist, but she is full compassion to human and positive to life.
She often conflicts and angry to her partner Han Jinwoo because h
e often did unexpected behavior and looked not serious about everything.  But one day she sees his internal side and started to like him. When Jinwoo on leave to cure his disease, she feels empty.

Jang Kyu Tae – Chief of rare-diseases clinic.
Jinwoo’s adviser professor and he is a father figure for Jinwoo.
He had high academic knowledge and morality. As many people don’t like Jinwoo’s selfish style, then Professor Jang understand Jinwoo completely and just like a father, he gives advice and  spiritual support to Jinwoo.

Jo Young Shil – Chief of local medical examining office and best autopsy doctor.
Had a perm hair and local accent is her trade mark. She is strict and enthusiastic to work.
At first, she doesn’t like Jinwoo, but, as the investigation proceeds, she starts to admire Jinwoo’s passion to work and profound medical knowledge.
When Jinwoo on leave to cure his own diseases, she eneeds his help as she undergoes difficulty to solve a case.

Main Cast
Ryu Duk Hwan as Han Jin Woo
Yoon Joo Hee as Kang Kyung Hee
Choi Jung Woo as Jang Kyu Tae
Park Joon Myun as Jo Young Shil
Na Yoon as Kim Sung Do

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