Title: God of War / Soldier / Mushin / Military Official
Genre: period
Episodes: 50
Director: Kim Jin Min
Screenwriter: Lee Hwan Kyung
Broadcast network: MBC, Saturday & Sunday 20:40
Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-11

A slave becomes the most powerful man in the country after he overruling 60 years feodal  government in the Goryeo era.

Character Description

Kim Jun (=Kim In-jun)
Like his father, Kim Jun also became a slave owned by the Choe Chung-hun clan. Choe Woo became impressed with Kim Jun and promoted him to be the household retainer and later on, a trusted commander. However, he eventually usurped his master and reached the pinnacle of power. He was one of the few insiders who witnessed the rise and fall of the Choe clan. He later changed his name to Kim Jun from Kim In-jun.

As Choe Woo’s daughter, she was married to Kim Yak-sun. With her open-minded personality, she once fell in love with Kim Jun. But her heart toward him took a tragic turn that destroyed her whole life.

Choe Woo (=Choe Li)
As a son of Choe Chung-hun and the second-highest ranked commander in the kingdom, He inherited his father’s generosity and fearsome intelligence. He released Kim In-jun from the bonds of slavery and gave him one of his concubines. For 30 years, he led successful campaigns to resist Mongol invasions and also commissioned the creation of the Tripitaka Korean. But unfortunately, none of his sons became a worthy successor. Later, he changed his name to Choe Li.

Choe Yang-baek
He was a former slave who thoroughly followed the same path as Kim Jun did. As a rival, he faced against Kim Jun at every turn.
Credit :MBC Global Media

Kim Joo Hyuk as Kim Joon
Kim Kyu Ri as Lee Song Yi
Jung Bo Suk as Choi Woo
Park Sang Min as Choi Yang Baek
Joo Hyun as Choi Chung Hun
Hong Ah Reum as Wol Ah
Lee Seung Hyo as King Gojong
Baek Do Bin as Choi Hang
Kim Ha Eun as Choon Sim
Kim Hyuk as Man Jong

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