Title: Glowing She / My Shining Girl / Sunshine Girl
Genre: Romance Comedy
Director: Lee Jung Pyo
Screenwriter: Son Min Soo, Yoo Yung Eun
Episodes: 12 (2 episodes consecutively each time aired)
Broadcast network: KBS-N (KBS Drama) every Saturday 10:40
Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-07 to 2012-Feb-11

This drama is about the events that happen in a broadcasting company.
This drama also focus on the love triangle between the three main characters. Kang Min (Kim Hyung Joon), a top star in the Korean entertainment business who is a bit temperamental. No Yong Woo (Park Kwang Hyun), a well-known producer and Jun Ji Hyun (So Yi Hyun), a newly minted scriptwriter.

Character Description

Jun Ji Hyun (29 years old)

A capable unmarried woman, clever, full of loyalty, positive personality but sometimes hot tempered.
She’s excellent in writing and passed an exam to be a entertainment writer for a broadcasting company.
She meets Yong Woo again after broke-up 3 years ago. Though she still likes him, but for now she’s seeking a dreamy romance.
She starts to find romance with top star Kang Min and now she’s hesitating between Kang Min and Yong Woo

No Yong Woo (32 years old)

A department PD of entertainment.
Handsome, excellent career, fashionable, workaholic, a man with high pride.
He meets Ji Hun again after 3 years and loves her again but now he’s competing with top star Kang Min

Kang Min (25 years old)

Top star that many CF, dramas, films management companies want to cast.
His image is handsome, killing smile and refined manner.
Real personality is haughty without courtesy to other. He has a mental problem which relate to his mother so he can’t sleep without women.
When Ji Hyun prevents his scandal, he starts to like Ji Hyun.

Kim Kkot Nim (29 years old)

Kang Min’s coordinator. Best friend of Ji Hyun and Yun Hee. A stubborn girl. She loved Yong Woo since 3 years ago. When she confessed her love to him, before she got the answer, Ji Hyun caught up the spot which resulted in Young Woo-Ji Hyun’s break up.┬áNow she’s dating Yun Hee’s brother secretly.

So Yi Hyun as Jun Ji Hyun
Kim Hyung Joon as Kang Min
Park Kwang Hyun as No Yong Woo
Go Na Eun as Kim Kkoch Nim
Seung Hyo Bin as Lee Yoo Jin
Bae Gun Woo as Woo Do Jin

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