glass bandage korean drama

Title : KBS Drama Special – Glass Bandage.
Genre : drama
Episode : 1
Scriptwriter : Lee Joo Yeon
Director : Kim Young Jin
Broadcast date : June 26th, 2013

It starts from one ‘Parents day’ in one all-girls-high-school.

Sun Woo, the student of an all-girls high school got a task to bring her parents to come to the class and shared some knowledge.
Since she lost contact with her father, Sun Woo hired a man named Seo Kyung Do to come as her father with a cost of 200,000 Won.
Seo Kyung Do came to her class and with his unique childish jokes, he got great response from Sun Woo’s classmates.
But, Kyung Do made mistake and reveal who he was.

Sun Woo was angry since her money couldn’t be refunded and the war started.

Character Description

Seo Kyung Do

Father who lives lonely.
He is cheerful funny man with childishness and immatureness.
He is doing everything to make money to pay hospital cost for his daughter who suffers from illness.
Though his daughter is hospitalized, he tells people that his daughter is studying abroad.

Though he is not so calculative for money, he is a stingy man who thinks “One penny can bring my family back to me”
After he meets Sunwoo, he understands what his daughter really wants.

Sun Woo

Runaway girl from home.
A though girl who living in poverty, but she can forget hungry if somebody is near her.

Her mother divorced her father and Sun Woo never sees her father again.
Though she has blamed mother who could not care her, now, she starts to reflect what kind of daughter herself was.
Her encounter with Seo Kyung Do changes her heart.

Joo Hye Sook

She runs small chicken restaurant.
There is an old proverb “If a housewife hates her husband, she will hate her kids as well”.
A prove to that old proverb, she seems careless to her own daughter, Sun Woo.

Park Sang Myun as Seo Kyung Do
Lee Hye In as Lee Sun Woo
Yoon Yoo Suk as Joo Hye Sook

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