Title: Give Me Food / Serve Me
Genre: Romance, family
Director: Lee Dae Young (Bad Woman, Good Woman ; Be Strong Geum Soon) & Lee Sang Yeop
Screenwriter: Seo Young Myung (That Woman is Scary, My Precious Child )
Episodes: 106
Broadcast network: MBC, Monday to Friday 20:15
Broadcast period: 2009-May-25 to 2009-Oct-23


This drama is about the tumultuous lives of three sisters. Jo Young Ran is trapped in a loveless marriage to her cold and uncaring husband, whom she married after dating for a week. Her older sister Young Shim’s poor financial situation and desire to live a rich and glamorous life causes her to quarrel frequently with her husband, while her younger sister Young Mi has a good career is married to a mother’s boy.

Character Description

give-me-food-cast-1Cho Young-ran/Ha Hee-ra
An ordinary housewife with a pleasant personality. She married Jung Sun-woo in an arranged marriage, but her husband turned out to be an insensitive person who doesn’t even remember their wedding anniversary. She later discovers that her husband is having an affair, and sinks into despair. Actress Ha Hee-ra returns with her first leading role in 2 years.

give-me-food-cast-2Sun-woo / Kim Sung-min
Young-ran’s husband, Sun-woo runs a health-supplementary food company. At home, he hardly talks with his wife but at work, he’s a suave businessman. He still has feelings for his ex-lover; they were forced to break up due his mother’s disapproval. So he keeps on seeing her even after his marriage to Young-ran


Cho Young-shim / Kim Hye-sun
She is Young-ran’s older sister, who is vain but simple in a cute way. She frequently quarrels with her husband but also makes up with him right away.


Bae Do-shik / Kim Byung-se
Young-shin’s husband.

Do-shik is a sensitive man who has mood swings at times.

He tends to brag about himself, but he is generally a plain and gentle man.

give-me-food-cast-5Cho Young-mi /Oh Yoon-ah
She is Young-ran’s younger sister, who takes charge of her life with a positive outlook. She has a more progressive mindset compared to her older sisters. She’s committed to her career and is an outstanding employee. But she’s married to a mama’s boy, which makes her consider divorce.

give-me-food-cast-6Kim Yoon-soo / Ha Suk-jin
He is Young-mi’s husband. Even as a grown adult, he is unable to cut the apron string. He has neither worries nor issues that he dwells on, because he lets his mother take care of all the complicated matters in his life.

Credit : MBC Global Media

Main Cast

Ha Hee Ra as Jo Young Ran
Kim Hye Sun as Jo Young Shim
Oh Yoon Ah as Jo Young Mi
Kim Sung Min as Jung Sun Woo
Kim Byung Se as Bae Do Suk
Ha Suk Jin as Kim Yoon Soo

Extended Cast
Lee Hye Sook as Yoon Mi Hee
Lee Hyo Choon as Park Soon Ja
Han In Soo as Hwang Jong Gab
Choi Soo Rin as Cha Hwa Jin
Ha Seung Ri as Jung Eun Ji
Lee Byung Joon as Jo Hyun Tae
Kwon Oh Min as Bae Woong
Hong Choong Min as Im Jung Hee
Kim Young Ki as Kang Hyung Sa
Jo Yeon Woo as Yoo Joon Hee
Lee Hyun Woo as Tommy
Lee Ga Hyun as Mi Seu Yoo
Kim Ji Min as Yoo Sun Young
Kim Min Sung as Seo Dong Hyun
Noh Tae Yub as kid 1
Sun So Jung

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