Title:  Giant
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 60
Director: Yoo In Shik
Screenwriter: Jang Young Chul
Broadcast network: SBS ,
Monday & Tuesday 21:55 (replacing Jejungwon)
Broadcast start : 2010-May-10  to 2010-Dec-07

This drama tells the story of three siblings who grew up in the 1970’s. Lee Kang Mo, his older brother Sung Mo and younger sister Mi Joo were separated at a young age when their father was killed in a smuggling scheme and their mother also died subsequently. When they are able to reunite years later, they had all reached adulthood and are determined to exact revenge upon the people responsible for their misery.

Cast Character
giant-cast-pic-1Lee Kangmo/Lee Bumsoo
Founder of Hangang construction company.
Smart brain and courageous guts, there is a charisma behind his reckless action. He has a dream to make the strongest home in the world since he has lost his mother by briquette gas poisoning.

Busan, 1970, when his mother gave birth little baby, he lost his father by some mysterious murdering case. While escaping to Seoul, his big brother was separated. Only mother, Mijoo and new born baby were left with him.
Without nursing by anybody even right after delivering new baby, his mother was suffered by high fever. He used his final pocket money to find out room for mother. That was the small and dirty room which several women share together. Little Kangmo and Mijoo started to beg money in the station. Nobody cared them.
When Mijoo started to sing, there were a few person who gave coins to them. With that coin, they brought medicine and food for mother. Mother’s illness was getting more serious. Some winter day under the rain, Kangmo bought a few briquette to make mother’s room warm. After asking the room owner to make the room warm, he filled his stomach with water.
When he came to mother’s room after daily begging, there were police cars and ambulances. There came out dead body one by one due to the briquette gas poisoning. In the middle of them, his mother was there. At the last moment, she pushed out new baby with her last breath. So, the new born baby could be alive.
Kangmo could not do nothing but dropping tears. At that time, Kangmo decided himself that, after growing up, he would build strong house which briquette gas cannot penetrate in.

giant-cast-pic-2Hwang Jungyun/Park Jinhee
Daughter whom Mr. Hwang Taesup brought from outdoors. She is smart at figures and capable of calculation even without paper. Cold, arrogant and bold character.

After her father fell down, she led Manho construction company together with Cho Minwo against Kangmo’s Hangang construction company. But the company was taken away by Minwo afterwards. But, she succeeded to stand alone to become a mother of third financing world.

She never discouraged even under cruel treatment of her step-mother and step-brother. Instead, Saying she doesn’t want to receive free meal, She started to do book-keeping of Manho construction company. Knowing she has strong character, Mr. Hwang Teasup expected her more than son, Jungsik .
While doing book-keeping, she found out that some blind money went to somewhere. Someday, Mr. Hwang Taesup accompanied her to a place where he handed money over to Mr. Cho Pilhyun. Mr. Cho worked for governmental secret agency. That was the shock to little Jungyun.
She found out the shadow of governmental power in the world of his father’s business. Without support of governmental power, business is nothing like only small super-market. She started to make her ambition bigger. She decided to occupy his father’s business expelling her step-brother, Jungsik.
It was something like revenge. Her real mother was discarded by her father, to say frankly, expelled by current step-mother. To compensate her mother’s poor life, she must become a successor of Manho construction company. The big money even governmental authority cannot handle is the way of revenge to the world.

giant-cast-pic-3Cho Minwoo/Joo Sangwook
Son of Cho Pilhyun. He has smart brain and graceful outlook. He has built as a tool of his father’s ambition. He, himself, hated father’s style from his heart, so, he decided to catch more power than his father.

When he failed to get Jungyun’s love, he met Mijoo to kill time. But, afterwards, he started to fall in love with Mijoo. At the day of back from study abroad, he felt something wrong hearing Kangmo say he love Jungyun.
As the marriage with Jungyun postpone repeatedly, he must hear blame from his father. At that time, his father, Pilhyun run for Congressman for the second time. For that, the support from Whang Taesup was seriously needed.
At the first time of running, 1978, he had failed to become a Congressman. Reason why Minwo came back even before finishing scholarship was also there. He must help his father’s election after making wedding ceremony with Jungyun. But, because of Kangmo, everything was messed up.

giant-cast-pic-4Lee MiJoo/Hwang Jungeum
Younger sister of Kangmo.

Though she devoted herself to Cho Minwo, She was discarded.
Though, she was given birth to a baby of him and raised secretly.
Hiding she was unmarried mother, after several years of hard working, she became a famous celebrity and a step-daughter of Congressman Oh Byungtak.
After Mr. Oh died by mysterious car crash, she and Kangmo made Cho Minwoo collapsed, but she still love him.

Main Cast
Lee Bum Soo as Lee Kang Mo
Yeo Jin Goo as Kang Mo (teen)
Park Jin Hee as Hwang Jung Yeon
Nam Ji Hyun as Jung Yeon (teen)
Park Sang Min as Lee Sung Mo
Kim Soo Hyun as Sung Mo (teen)
Joo Sang Wook as Jo Min Woo
No Young Hak as young Min Woo
Hwang Jung Eum as Lee Mi Joo
Park Ha Young as Mi Joo (child)
Lee Duk Hwa as Hwang Tae Sub
Jung Bo Suk as Jo Pil Yeon
Kim Suh Hyung as Yoo Kyung Ok
Lee Moon Shik as Park So Tae
Seo Ji Won as young So Tae
Yoon Yoo Sun as Jung Young Sun (Kang Mo’s mother)
Yoo Hyung Kwan as Yeom Jae Soo
Shin Seung Hwan as Yeom Shi Duk
Choi Ha Na as Yeom Kyung Ja
Han Kyung Sun as Lee Bok Ja
Im Jong Yoon as Yoon Ki Hoon
Moon Hee Kyung as Oh Nam Sook
Kim Jung Hyun as Hwang Jung Shik
Jang Soon Gook as Joo Young Gook
Lee Seung Hyung as Moon Sung Joong
Park No Shik as Park Choong Kwon
Song Kyung Chul as Nam Young Chul
Bang Kil Seung as instructor
Hong Yeo Jin as Yang Myung Ja
Yoon Yong Hyun as Go Jae Choon
Hwang Taek Ha as Yoo Chan Sung
Lee Hyo Jung as Han Myung Suk
Kim Hak Chul as Oh Byung Tak
Lee Ki Young as Min Hong Ki
Im Hyuk as Baek Pa
Jung Gyu Soo as Lee Dae Soo (Jung Mo’s father)
Son Byung Ho as Hong Ki Pyo
Lee Eun Jung as Jina
Jun Jin Gi as detective lieutenant
Kim Sung Oh as Cha Bu Chul
Han Da Min as Soo Yun
Kim Eui Jin as Woo Joo
Choi Gun Woo as Lee Joon Mo
Lee Won Il as Joon Mo (child)
Moon Ji In as Manbo Construction’s female employee
Lee Soo Jin as Nurse Kim
Qri as Bunny Girls (cameo)
Park So Yeon as Bunny Girls (cameo)
Min Joon Hyun
Choi Min
Kim Ga Eun
Ji Yoo

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Episode 1 2010/5/10–9.6
Episode 2 2010/5/10–14.0
Episode 3 2010/5/11–11.3

Episode 4 2010/5/17–12.4
Episode 5 2010/5/18–12.8

Episode 6 2010/5/24–13.9
Episode 7 2010/5/25–14.3

Episode 8 2010/5/31–15.5
Episode 9 2010/6/1–17.0

Episode 10 2010/6/7–14.7

Episode 11 2010/6/8–14.2
Episode 12 2010/6/22–13.9
Episode 13 2010/6/28–13.8
Episode 14 2010/6/29–15.7

Episode 15 2010/7/5–13.8
Episode 16 2010/7/6–15.0
Episode 17 2010/7/12–17.0
Episode 18 2010/7/13–16.8
Episode 19 2010/7/19–16.4
Episode 20 2010/7/20–17.0

Episode 21 2010/7/26–15.9
Episode 22 2010/7/27--17.3
Episode 23 2010/8/2–18.2
Episode 24 2010/8/3–20.1

Episode 25 2010/8/9–21.6

Episode 26 2010/8/10–22.7
Episode 27 2010/8/16–22.8
Episode 28 2010/8/17–24.0
Episode 29 2010/8/23–22.3
Episode 30 2010/8/24–21.6

Episode 31 2010/8/30–22.3
Episode 32 2010/8/31–23.1
Episode 33 2010/9/6–23.7
Episode 34 2010/9/7–24.4

Episode 35 2010/9/13–23.4

Episode 36 2010/9/14–24.8
Episode 37 2010/9/20–

Episode 38 2010/9/21–

Episode 39 2010/9/27–22.7
Episode 40 2010/9/28–24.9

Episode 41 2010/10/4–21.7
Episode 42 2010/10/5–22.0
Episode 43 2010/10/11–27.4
Episode 44 2010/10/12–23.9
Episode 45 2010/10/18–29.0

Episode 46 2010/10/19–28.4
Episode 47 2010/10/25–29.0
Episode 48 2010/10/26–29.8
Episode 49 2010/11/1–29.2
Episode 50 2010/11/2–29.1

Episode 51 2010/11/8–30.5
Episode 52 2010/11/9–29.8
Episode 53 2010/11/15–30.8
Episode 54 2010/11/16–30.1
Episode 55 2010/11/22–31.4

Episode 56 2010/11/23–29.0
Episode 57 2010/11/29–31.9
Episode 58 2010/11/30–32.6
Episode 59 2010/12/6–33.4
Episode 60 2010/12/7–40.1

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