Title : Ghost / Phantom
Genre : drama, thriller, mystery
Episode : 20
Director : Kim Hyung Sik
Writer : Kim Eun Hee
Broadcast station : SBS, every Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast time : 2012-May-30 to 2012-Aug-9

A cyber investigation squad fights the cyber crimes

Character Description

Kim Woo Hyun
The leader of national-police-cyber-investigation-team.
What he tries to find is the evidence that exists between 0 and 1

Yoo Kang Mi
The most beautiful person in cyber-investigation-team
In the society that everything will be O’K. is she has beauty, then she’s the only person who has difficulty by her beauty

Jo Hyun Min
CEO of Segang Securities
He enjoys business with his sound and rapid judgement. He has smart appearance and manner as well.

Kwon Hyuk Joo
Crazy man in homicide department. He has special sense and strong will to win as well as fearful face which makes criminals afraid

Choi Seung Yun
True-story reporter. She’s graduated from local college. She doesn’t have beautiful faces and great background. She has been sending more than 50 resumes but she’s never discouraged.

Park Ki Young
Genius hacker
He’s the most notorious hacker and faces Woo Hyun who chases him with gun


Main cast
So Ji Sub as Kim Woo Hyun
Lee Yun Hee as Yoo Gang Mi
Uhm Ki Joon as Jo Hyun Min
Song Ha Yoon as Choi Seung Yeun
Kwak Do Won as Kwon Hyuk Joo

Cyber Investigation Team
Kwon Hae Hyo as Han Young Suk
Im Ji Kyu as Byun Sang Woo
G.O as Lee Tae Gyun
Baek Seung Hyun as Kang Eung Jin
Bae Min Hee as Lee Hye Ram

Other people
Jang Hyun Sung as Jun Jae Wook
Choi Jung Woo as Shin Kyung Soo
Yoon Ji Hye as Goo Yeon Joo
Myung Kye Nam as Jo Kyung Shin (Jae Min’s father)
Lee Jae Yoon as Jo Jae Min
Jung Dong Hwan as Kim Suk Joon (Woo Hyun’s father)
Lee Tae Woo as Kim Sun Woo (Woo Hyun’s son)

Special Appearances
Choi Daniel as Park Ki Young
Esom as Shin Hyo Jung (ep 1)
Kim Sung Oh as Shin Hyo Jung’s fan (ep 1)
Lee Joon as pedestrian (ep 1)
Jung Da Hye as Jung So Eun (ep 3)
Kang Sung Min as Yang Seung Jae (ep 3-4)
Kwak Ji Min as Kwon Eun Seul (ep 7)
Han Bo Bae as Kwak Ji Soo (ep 7-8)
Ha Seung Ri as Jung Mi Young (ep 7-8)
Lee Ki Young as Im Chi Yeon
Lee Won Gun as Kwon Do Hyun

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  • MBLAQ’s G.O. postponed his sub-unit activities due to his debut acting  career in Ghost
  • Production team spent 200 million Won (around 175.000 USD) just to create 1 minute explosion scene because it’s so important for the storyline
  • Ssangyong Motor Company is one of Ghost’s sponsors. All the drama character use Ssangyong car in the drama.  Both So Ji Sub and Lee Yun Hee are models of Ssangyong motor
  • So Ji Sub learned judo for the first time in his life for his role in Ghost

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episode date AGB TNS
1 2012/5/30 7.6 10.7
2 2012/5/31 8.9 12.1
3 2012/6/6 11.4 13.0
4 2012/6/7 11.8 14.2
5 2012/6/13 10.6 11.9
6 2012/6/14 12.2 13.1
7 2012/6/20 10.8 12.7
8 2012/6/21 11.2 14.1
9 2012/6/27 11.1 13.1
10 2012/6/28 11.0 13.5
episode date AGB TNS
11 2012/7/4 11.4 14.1
12 2012/7/5 13.8 15.6
13 2012/7/11 13.3 15.7
14 2012/7/12 14.2 17.0
15 2012/7/18 13.4 15.3
16 2012/7/19 13.9 16.0
17 2012/7/25 13.3 14.5
18 2012/7/26 15.3 16.5
19 2012/8/8 12.9 13.3
20end 2012/8/9 12.2 13.7
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