Title: Flames of Ambition / Flames of Desire / Yokmangeui Bulkkot / Women Only Love Once in a Lifetime
Genre: Drama, romance
Episodes: 50
Producer: So Won Young
Director: Baek Ho Min (Don’t Be Swayed, End of Love)
Screenwriter: Jung Ha Yun (Bittersweet Life)
Production company : Ulsan MBC, a branch of MBC
Broadcast Network: MBC , Saturday & Sunday 21:45

Broadcast period: 2010-Oct-02

The story of a conglomerate family and the legacy of the first generation son, whose thirst for power and wealth marked the beginning of a story of love, passion and destruction.
Yoo Seung Ho is the son of the conglomerate family and he has a girlfriend, Baek Soo Bin a famous actress.

Character Description

flames41Kim Young Min : Kim Min Jae’s father (Jo Min Ki), 42 Years old
The 1st generation son of a conglomerate family who is born as the third son of Kim Tae Jin.
All that he had wished for is just to become a college professor but it changed the moment he entered a family arranged marriage with Yoon Na Young.
Although he has the power to oppose his father and live the life he wants, he chose not to leave.
Unlike his ambitious wife “Na Young”, Young Min is a kind-hearted man and father who believes that the family must stay united to be strong, he has a deeper understanding and compassion for others unlike his siblings but he finds himself fallen when the secret of his son’s real birth-rights is revealed.

flames3Yoon Na Young : Kim Min Jae’s mom (Shin Eun Kyung), 41 years old
She is a person who hides her evil intentions under her smiling face and have a chameleon sort of personality.
Upon seeing how her mother lives her life by giving in, Na Young became more determined to live her life the way she wants.
She is the type of person who strongly believes that you have to fight ruthlessly even for your own happiness and for that she made a decision that would later haunt her at her later part of her life.
She didn’t planned to have Soo Bin as her daughter in-law in the path that she had paved for her son, Min Jae to walk on.

flames2Kim Min Jae (Yoo Seung Ho), 21 years old
The 2nd generation son of a conglomerate family.
He is someone with a pure soul.
HeĀ  has a habit of dancing out all his sweat and pain until he falls whenever he feels lonely or having a hard time to get rid of his unhappiness.
He is compassionate towards the woman that he loves despite her ugly past and will even give her a warm hug when she needs it.
As the owner of his own fate, he doesn’t have to change the way he is even if the secret of his birth is disclosed.

flames1Baek Soo Bin (Seo Woo) Nickname : Popular Baek, Baek In ki, 22 years old
She is the hidden daughter of Yoon Na Young who become one of the most popular movie actress in the nation, thus earning herself the nickname of “Baek Inki”.
As many fans as she have, she have that much anti-fans as well.
She is woman running towards success while running away from her past.
She managed to get married to Min Jae when a large scandal occurred when they were caught in a scandalize position.
The destruction of love and fame just seems like a game for her and she believes that winning it will mean happiness for her.

flames5Kim Tae Jin (Lee Soon Jae): Kim Young Min’s father, K group Enterprise’s Company president
He is a self-made chaebol who built his business empire from scratch.
A strong charismatic father with three sons and a daughter.
The K group Enterprise’s Company president finds himself facing another challenge in life as his children fought to become his empire’s successor with the most aggressive person being Yoon Na Young, the wife of his third son who will stop at nothing to push her husband and son to the top of his succession list.

Credit : soompi

Main Cast
Kim family
Lee Soon Jae as Chairman Kim Tae Jin
Jo Min Ki as Kim Young Min
Shin Eun Kyung as (Min Jae’s mother)
Yoo Seung Ho as Kim Min Jae

Other people
Seo Woo as Baek Soo Bin
Kim Yoo Jung as young Soo Bin
Baek Il Sub
Lee Hyo Choon
Lee Bo Hee
Kim Hee Jung
Jo Jin Woong

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Episode 1 2010/10/2–10.6
Episode 2 2010/10/3–9.1
Episode 3 2010/10/9–13.1
Episode 4 2010/10/10–13.6
Episode 5 2010/10/16–13.7

Episode 6 2010/10/17–14.9
Episode 6 2010/10/23–13.4
Episode 7 2010/10/24–14.3
Episode 8 2010/10/30–13.7
Episode 9 2010/10/31–13.4
Episode 10 2010/11/6–11.8

Episode 11 2010/11/7–11.7
Episode 12 2010/11/13–12.7
Episode 13 2010/11/14–10.1
Episode 14 2010/11/21–10.5
Episode 15 2010/11/21–10.5

Episode 16 2010/11/28–8.2
Episode 17 2010/12/4–8.7
Episode 18 2010/12/5–8.5
Episode 19 2010/12/11–9.2
Episode 20 2010/12/12–9.0

Episode 21 2010/12/18–9.2
Episode 22 2010/12/19–10.4
Episode 23 2010/12/25–9.9
Episode 24 2010/12/26–10.1
Episode 25 2011/1/1–10.4

Episode 26 2011/1/2–10.1
Episode 27 2011/1/8–10.6
Episode 28 2011/1/9–11.4
Episode 29 2011/1/15–11.5
Episode 30 2011/1/16–10.8

Episode 31 2011/1/22–14.8
Episode 32 2011/1/23–16.9
Episode 33 2011/1/29–15.9
Episode 34 2011/1/30–16.4
Episode 35 2011/2/5–15.9

Episode 36 2011/2/6–16.2
Episode 37 2011/2/12–16.8
Episode 38 2011/2/13–15.4
Episode 39 2011/2/19–16.7
Episode 40 2011/2/20–17.1

Episode 41 2011/2/26–15.6
Episode 42 2011/2/27–15.7
Episode 43 2011/3/5–17.7
Episode 44 2011/3/6–16.1

source : TNsM

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