Title:  First Wives Club /The Good Old Wives’ Club
Director: Son Jung Hyun
Screenwriter: Moon Young Nam
Episodes: 104
Broadcast network: SBS , Saturdays & Sundays 21:45 (9:45 Korean time)
Broadcast period: 2007-Sept-29 to 2008-Oct-5


Wives usually sacrifice their lives for the good of the family. However, a one sided sacrifice won’t keep the relationship going forever… What is real happiness, love, and truth? This drama will try to answer this question through the characters in this story. When a couple of wives discover that their husband’s hearts are with other women, they decide to form their own 1st Wives Club and take matters into their own hands!

Main Cast

Kim Hye Sun as Han Bok Su
Kim Hae Sook as Ahn Yang Sun
Han Jin Hee as Han Sim Han (Bok Su’s father)
Oh Hyun Kyung as Na Hwa Sin
Son Hyun Joo as Gil Eok
Park In Hwan as Lee Hwa Sang
Oh Dae Gyu as Lee Ki Juk
Ahn Nae Sang as Han Won Soo
Byun Jung Min as Jung Na Mi
Lee Joon Hyuk as Han Sun Soo
Yoo Ha Na as Choi Hyun Sil
Lee Mi Young as Bok Boon Ja
Kim Hee Jung as Mo Ji Ran
Lee Sang Woo as Koo Se Joo
Yoon Joo Hee as Bang Hae Ja / Director Bang (fashion department)
Yoo Seung Bong as Chairman Koo (Se Joo’s father)
Lee Il Hwa as Cho Yong Hee (doctor, Ki Juk’s old classmate)
On Jo as Pan Mae Soon
Okabe Tomoaki as Kang Go Joo
Yoo Hee Jung as Hong Bo Hae
Jang Sun Young as Jin Joo (Jin Ran’s daughter)
Son Jong Bum as Gil Eok’s friend
Go Mi Young
Kang Yi Suk
Lee Jin Hyuk

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