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Title: Fated to Love You
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 20
Director: Lee Dong Yoon, Kim Hee Won
Screenwriter: Joo Chan Ok, Jo Jin Kook
Broadcast network: MBC, every Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
Broadcast period: 2014-Jul-02

A chaebol heir and a “post-it” girl are forced to marry after their one night stand results in an unexpected pregnancy.

Character Description

Lee Kun

He is an heir of traditional famous family. His grandmother runs big company. As his forefathers died in early age, many relatives threaten his position as an heir of big company.
So, his grandmother pushes him to early marriage.

Even though he understands grandmother’s heart, his fiancé, Sera, continuously postpones marriage because of her dream-to-be-ballerina. So, his daily life is very tired between grandmother and fiancé.

One day, he knows that Sera failed audition-for-ballerina. Then, he prepares big propose-of-marriage for this chance. But, suddenly, Sera leaves for New York again, then, their marriage is postponed again.

After Sera left him, he is involved in some scandal by some bad men’s plotting.
His grandmother mergers some local company. The late president of that local company plots some schemes -connecting Miyoung with Lee Kun.
Since then, Lee Kun gives many hard times to Miyoung. But, slowly, he feels confuse with Miyoung’s genuine purity.

Kang Miyoung

Her job is contract-temporary worker in law-firm. She is very ordinary plain girl that is not special at all. Her daily life is very plain without any shocking events.

As she is so kind, it is very hard for her to say ‘No’ to other people.

To this very plain girl, one dreamy happenings visits.
She earns luxurious resort ticket as a gift by chance. Moreover, handsome lawyer, Mr. Min approaches her. Could her fortune be finished as happy-ending?


World class designer. Miyoung’s mentor. He has free soul for woman. If woman approaches him, he would not resist. If she wants to leave him, he would not stop her.

He finds out value of Miyoung that nobody knows, then, helps her.
How to wear clothes nicely. How to reject other person’s request. How to express her own feeling. He helps her to act valuably.

While he helps Miyoung, he slowly falls in the attraction of Miyoung’s purity and kindness.

Kang Sera

Charming ballet dancer who loves ballet rather than marriage. Lee Kun’s fiancé.
Though she loves Lee Kun, it is too hard for her to give up ballet by marriage. Marriage and giving birth may ruin her dream as a ballerina.

But, when she fails an audition, she decides to give-up her dream and tries to marry to Lee Kun. While she prepares travelling with Lee Kun before wedding, she receives one phone call from New York. Then, she leaves Lee Kun and heads for New York again.

Secretary Tak

Lee Kun’s secretary.
He works for Lee Kun in every field. – Not only for company work but also private matters.
As he works for Lee Kun with real heart, when his boss have to marry to Miyoung, he feels pity for his boss. But, soon, he becomes Miyoung’s helper.

Miyoung’s mother

As her husband died early leaving 3 daughters, her life has been so harsh. She is now running small cafeteria for wild sailors.
She shocked when she heard that Miyoung, her 3rd daughter is pregnant even before marriage.


Miyoung’s eldest sister.
She shows unique mentality. Then, she shows unique fashion like her mentality.


Miyoung’s 2nd older sister.
She’s marrying a friend in same town.
Though there is love between them, as there is no money, she habitually says ‘Money, money, money.’

President Park

President of Soap Company that locates in Miyoung’s hometown. When his company is absorbed by big company, he plots threatening Lee Kun. But, differently than his intention, it becomes a connecting-opportunity between Miyoung and Lee Kun.


Miza’s husband. Miyoung’s elder sister’s husband. As he knew Miyoung from childhood, Miyoung is like younger sister to him.

Main Cast
Jang Hyuk as Lee Gun
Jang Na Ra as Kim Mi Young
Choi Jin Hyuk as Daniel
Wang Ji Won as Kang Se Ra

People around Lee Gun

Park Won Sook as Chairwoman Wang (Lee Gun’s grandmother)
Choi Dae Chul as Chief Secretary Tak (Lee Gun’s chief secretary)
Na Young Hee as Lee Yong’s mother (Lee Gun’s stepmother)
Choi Woo Shik as Lee Yong (Lee Gun’s half brother)

People around Mi Young

Park Hee Bon as Jun Ji Yun (Mi Young’s co-worker and roommate)
Song Ok Sook as Mi Young’s mother
Han Kyu as Kim Mi Sook (Mi Young’s oldest sister)
Lee Mi Do as Kim Mi Ja (Mi Young’s second older sister)
Jung Eun Pyo as President Park (soap factory owner)
Im Hyung Joon as Mr. Choi (Mi Ja’s husband)
Kim Young Hoon as Lawyer Min


Park Sun Hee as Eun Jung
Jung Han Hyun
Park Jin Woo

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